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Created September 22, 2011 00:43
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(function () {
//Sadly necessary browser inference due to differences in the way
//that browsers load and execute dynamically inserted javascript
//and whether the script/cache method works.
//Currently, Gecko and Opera do not load/fire onload for scripts with
//type="script/cache" but they execute injected scripts in order
//unless the 'async' flag is present.
//However, this is all changing in latest browsers implementing HTML5
//spec. Firefox nightly supports using the .async true by default, and
//if false, then it will execute in order. Favor that test first for forward
//compatibility. However, it is unclear if webkit/IE will follow suit.
//Latest webkit breaks the script/cache trick.
//Test for document and window so that this file can be loaded in
//a web worker/non-browser env. It will not make sense to use this
//plugin in a non-browser env, but the file should not error out if included
//in a file, then loaded in a non-browser env.
var supportsInOrderExecution = typeof document !== "undefined" &&
typeof window !== "undefined" &&
(document.createElement("script").async ||
(window.opera && === "[object Opera]") ||
//If Firefox 2 does not have to be supported, then
//a better check may be:
//('mozIsLocallyAvailable' in window.navigator)
("MozAppearance" in,
readyRegExp = /^(complete|loaded)$/,
waiting = [],
cached = {};
//Callback used by the type="script/cache" callback that indicates a script
//has finished downloading.
function scriptCacheCallback(evt) {
var node = evt.currentTarget || evt.srcElement, i,
moduleName, resource;
if (evt.type === "load" || readyRegExp.test(node.readyState)) {
//Pull out the name of the module and the context.
moduleName = node.getAttribute("data-requiremodule");
//Mark this cache request as loaded
cached[moduleName] = true;
//Find out how many ordered modules have loaded
for (i = 0; (resource = waiting[i]); i++) {
if (cached[]) {
resource.req([], resource.onLoad);
} else {
//Something in the ordered list is not loaded,
//so wait.
//If just loaded some items, remove them from waiting.
if (i > 0) {
waiting.splice(0, i);
//Remove this script tag from the DOM
//Use a setTimeout for cleanup because some older IE versions vomit
//if removing a script node while it is being evaluated.
setTimeout(function () {
}, 15);
version: '0.26.0',
load: function (name, req, onLoad, config) {
var url = req.nameToUrl(name, null);
//If a build, just load the module as usual.
if (config.isBuild) {
req([name], onLoad);
//Make sure the async attribute is not set for any pathway involving
//this script.
require.s.skipAsync[url] = true;
foo.js:2183Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined
if (supportsInOrderExecution) {
//Just a normal script tag append, but without async attribute
//on the script.
req([name], onLoad);
} else {
//Credit to LABjs author Kyle Simpson for finding that scripts
//with type="script/cache" allow scripts to be downloaded into
//browser cache but not executed. Use that
//so that subsequent addition of a real type="text/javascript"
//tag will cause the scripts to be executed immediately in the
//correct order.
if (req.specified(name)) {
req([name], onLoad);
} else {
name: name,
req: req,
onLoad: onLoad
require.attach(url, null, name, scriptCacheCallback, "script/cache");
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