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Thomas Davis thomasdavis

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"meta": {
"theme": "elegant"
"basics": {
"name": "Thomas Davis",
"label": "Web Developer",
"image": "",
"summary": "I’m a full stack web developer who can build apps from the ground up. I've worked mostly at startups so I am use to wearing many hats. I am a very product focussed developer who priotizes user feedback first and foremost. I'm generally very flexible when investigating new roles. ",
"website": "",
gdb / gist:853c333748bbe51f5bd4
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Issuing your own "currency" using Stellar's distributed exchange
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One interesting thing you can do with Stellar is issue your own custom "currency". Here's a simple example of doing so. This route involves making an offer on the distributed exchange, and then waiting for someone to make an overlapping counteroffer.

I've created an offer giving out minutes of my help on a project of your choice (represented by the currency GDB), at a rate of 1,000 stellar per minute. You can see this offer in the graphical account viewer:

(This credit is redeemable for things like architecture advice, conversations about cryptocurrencies, debugging help, or the like. Once you hold the credit, you can redeem it by contacting me, and we'll arrange a Hangout or in-person meeting, depending on what makes sense.)

Did you just claim the currency GDB?!

Not quite. Stellar works a bit off the principle "Is the blue you see, the same blue I see?" If someone trusts a bunch of gateways for USD, if effectively means that they per

bhbryant / retry.rb
Created Sep 21, 2011
auto-failover ReplicaSet config for MongoMapper, by way of ruby driver
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replica_sets = mm_env['replica_sets'] # node1:port&node2:port
rs_list = replica_sets.split("&").map {|rs| host,port = rs.split(":"); [host,port.to_i] }
MongoMapper.connection =*(rs_list << {:read_secondary => true, :auto_refresh => true }))
MongoMapper.database = mm_env['database']
MongoMapper.database.authenticate(mm_env['username'], mm_env['password'])
View jQueryPluginPatterns.js
A (very) WIP collection of optimized/recommended jQuery plugin patterns
from @addyosmani, @cowboy, @ajpiano and others.
Whilst the end-goal of this gist is to provide a list of recommended patterns, this
is still very much a work-in-progress. I am not advocating the use of anything here
until we've had sufficient time to tweak and weed out what the most useful patterns
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