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My gift to you this Valentine's Day. Rendering custom attachment fields in the new media manager via Backbone.
* The code below renders additional custom attachment fields into the
* new media manager.
* I am assuming you are using your own custom media modal frame. By
* extending the default Attachment.Details subview, we can append our
* custom fields to the default fields listed.
* In the initialize function, we ensure that our changes are always up
* to date by "listening" to our model's change event and updating the
* view when the event occurs.
* In the render function, we ensure that the parent render function is
* fired to display the default attachment fields. Once that is done,
* we detach the current view, append in our own custom fields via a
* custom script template (change "soliloquy-attachment-fields" to your
* own script template ID) and pass our model's JSON representation so that
* the "data" object can be localized to our instance.
* We then use this.model.fetch() to ensure that we have the most updated
* data from the server and then re-render our updated view.
* The "return this;" line is the preferred convention in all render functions
* in Backbone to maintain chainability.
* @link
* @author Thomas Griffin
*/ ={
initialize: function(){
// Always make sure that our content is up to date.
this.model.on('change', this.render, this);
render: function(){
// Ensure that the main attachment fields are rendered., arguments);
// Detach the views, append our custom fields, make sure that our data is fully updated and re-render the updated view.
// This is the preferred convention for all render functions.
return this;
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sc0ttkclark commented Feb 14, 2013

soliloquy-attachment-fields template example:

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