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an example for the platform issue with rvm
# switch to a rvm provided ruby version - creating a new gemset just to separate things
rvm --create 1.8.7@rjb-test
# then install rjb, this should work fine, installing rjb 1.3.1
gem install rjb
# now start ruby and require "rjb"
ruby -e 'require "rubygems"; require "rjb"'
# this should result in ruby terminating with the following message:
# [BUG] cross-thread violation on rb_gc()
# (null)
# Abort trap
# cleanup
gem uninstall rjb
# now how it should be done
gem install rjb --platform ruby
# Have a look at - there's a standard-1.3.1 and a
# universal-darwin-10-1.3.1. RVM just issues gem install and gem then decides to
# install universal-darwin-10. That version is obviously precompiled against
# Mac OS X's standard ruby and won't run with rvm's ruby (1.8.7 in the example
# above).
# RVM should modify the environment somehow (now that could be the tricky part)
# so that gem doesn't fetch the gem suitable for the OS platform it runs on but for
# the ruby version it currently is set to use (ruby/jruby/...).

camyhsu commented Apr 12, 2011

Thank you very much for posting this. I ran into this issue and did not know how to resolve it.


thomasjachmann commented Apr 13, 2011

Glad I could help. I still do hope that this will be fixed in rvm. I'm afraid Wayne's moved on to other tasks, though.

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