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Dumb "Hello World" TCP server in Rust.
use std::net;
use std::uv;
use core::pipes;
type ErrChan = pipes::SharedChan<Option<net::tcp::TcpErrData>>;
fn on_ready(kill_ch: ErrChan) {
io::println("listener is ready");
fn on_connect(c: net::tcp::TcpNewConnection, kill_ch: ErrChan) {
do task::spawn() {
let res = net::tcp::accept(c);
if !res.is_err() {
let sck = result::unwrap(move res);
let s = ~"Hello World\r\n";
else {
fn main() {
let ip_addr = net::ip::v4::parse_addr("");
let iotask = &uv::global_loop::get();
move ip_addr, 9123, 128, iotask, on_ready, on_connect);

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idx3d commented Nov 28, 2014

Does not working at all

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