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This is a template for a Burp extension that can be used as session handling macro action. It pulls an identifier (here: last part of location header from redirection response) from the first macro response and puts it in the given place of the current request (here: last URL path component). Adapt as needed at the places marked with "CONFIG" co…
from burp import (IBurpExtender, ISessionHandlingAction)
import re
class BurpExtender(IBurpExtender, ISessionHandlingAction):
def registerExtenderCallbacks(self, callbacks):
self.callbacks = callbacks
self.helpers = callbacks.getHelpers()
callbacks.setExtensionName("Path Parameter Session Handling Action")
self.out = callbacks.getStdout()
# CONFIG: this RE matches the identifier from the first macro response
self.reFindID = re.compile("^Location:.*/(\\d+)", re.MULTILINE)
# CONFIG: this RE matches the part to replace with prefix as capture group 1 and suffix in capture group 2
self.reReplaceID = re.compile("^(GET|POST\s+.*/)\d+(\s+HTTP/)")
def log(self, msg):
self.out.write(msg + "\n")
### ISessionHandlingAction ###
def getActionName(self):
return "Replace Path Parameter"
def performAction(self, currentRequest, macroItems):
if macroItems != None:
mResponse = self.helpers.bytesToString(macroItems[0].getResponse())
#self.log("Processing response:\n" + mResponse)
match =
if match:
identifier =
self.log("Found identifier: " + identifier)
request = self.helpers.bytesToString(currentRequest.getRequest())
result = self.reReplaceID.sub("\\g<1>" + identifier + "\\g<2>", request)
self.log("No identifier found!")
self.log("No macro response found!")
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