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Thomas Patzke thomaspatzke

  • Code published here is private and not affiliated with my employer.
  • Germany
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thomaspatzke / gist:7445776
Created Nov 13, 2013
Extract HTTP URLs, Requests and Responses from Wireshark PDML file.
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xmlstarlet sel -t -m '//proto[@name="http"]' --if 'descendant::field[@name="http.request"]' -o 'URL: ' -v 'descendant::field[@name="http.request.full_uri"]/@show' -n -o 'Request: ' -v 'following-sibling::proto[@name="data-text-lines"]/field/@value' -n --elif 'descendant::field[@name="http.response"]' -o 'Code: ' -v 'descendant::field[@name="http.response.code"]/@show' -o ' ' -v 'descendant::field[@name="http.response.phrase"]/@show' -n -o 'Response: ' -v 'following-sibling::proto[@name="data-text-lines"]/field/@value' -n file.pdml | perl -ne 'if (/^((?:Request|Response): )?([0-9a-f]+)$/i) { $p = $1; $e = $2; $e =~ s/([0-9a-f]{2})/$1 /ig; print "$p"; print map { chr(hex($_)) } (split / /, $e); print "\n" if ($e !~ /0[da].?$/i) } else { print }'
thomaspatzke / gist:7445851
Created Nov 13, 2013
Create HTML with links to all HTTP servers from nmap scan results.
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xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m '//port/service[@name="http"]' -v 'concat(ancestor::host/address/@addr, ":", ../@portid, " <a href=http://", ancestor::host/address/@addr, ":", ../@portid, ">HTTP</a> <a href=https://", ancestor::host/address/@addr, ":", ../@portid, ">HTTPS</a><br />")' -n file.xml
thomaspatzke / gist:7481047
Created Nov 15, 2013
Create "host;name;port;service;product" CSV from nmap scan XML.
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xmlstarlet sel -t -m '//port/state[@state="open"]' -v 'concat(ancestor::host/address/@addr,";",ancestor::host/hostnames/hostname[position()=1]/@name,";",../@portid,";",../service/@name,";",../service/@product)' -n file.xml
thomaspatzke / gist:8919230
Created Feb 10, 2014
Search all memory sections from a core dump for a particular string
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readelf -l core | perl -ne 'if (/^\s*LOAD\s+\S+\s+(\S+)\s+\S+\s+(\S+)/) { print "printf \"=== $1 ===\\n\"\nfind $1, +$2, \"Search\"\n" }' > searchmem.gdb
gdb executable core < searchmem.gdb
thomaspatzke / gist:9496625
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Convert Joomla J2XML export file into files containing the title of the content element in the first line and the HTML code afterwards (suitable for Blosxom)
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xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m //content -v alias -o ';' -v created -o ';' -v title -n joomlaexport.xml | while IFS=';' read alias ts title; do echo $title > $alias.txt; xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m '//content[contains(alias,"'$alias'")]' -v introtext -n joomlaexport.xml | recode html >> $alias.txt; touch -d "$ts" $alias.txt; done
thomaspatzke /
Created Apr 9, 2014
Very quick&dirty TLS server for testing if client implementations are affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability, before crypto (key exchange etc.) is established.
# Check TLS clients for OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability.
import socketserver
import struct
import random
class HeartbleedServer(socketserver.BaseRequestHandler):
thomaspatzke /
Last active Dec 1, 2020
Decoder/Encoder for MYSAPSSO2 Cookies/SAP SSO tokens
# - Decoding MYSAPSSO2 cookies
import sys
import fileinput
import urllib.parse
import base64
import binascii
import re
import struct
thomaspatzke / gist:e3dbbc7eba710874e7e3
Created Sep 12, 2014
Convert something into URL encoding
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| hd | perl -ne 's/^\d+\s+//d; s/\s+\|.*?$//g; s/([\da-f]+)\s+/%$1/g; print;'

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thomaspatzke /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Extract particular HTTP request parameter value (POST) from Burp XML save file without Base64 request/response encoding. Here I extract the NavigationTarget parameter of a SAP Portal application.
xmlstarlet sel -t -m '//items/item[contains(./request,"NavigationTarget")]' -v 'substring-before(substring-after(./request, "NavigationTarget="), "&")' -n Crawl-*.xml | perl -mURI::Escape -ne 'print URI::Escape::uri_unescape($_);' | sort -u