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Add a timezone to a lesson drip restriction message in LifterLMS
<?php // Do not copy this line to a functions.php file!
* Add a timezone string to the end of the lesson drip availability message
* The default message is: "The lesson "{$LESSON_TITLE}" will be available on {$AVAILABLE_DATE}
* This filter converts the message to: "The lesson "{$LESSON_TITLE}" will be available on {$AVAILABLE_DATE} {$TIMEZONE}
* @since 2020-08-21
* @param string $msg The default restriction message.
* @param array $restriction Associative array of restriction data from `llms_page_restricted()`.
* @return string
function my_llms_get_restriction_message( $msg, $restriction ) {
// If this is a lesson drip restriction message, add the site's timezone.
if ( is_array( $restriction ) && ! empty( $restriction['reason'] ) && 'lesson_drip' === $restriction['reason'] ) {
$tz = 'PST'; // Update this to be the timezone of your choice.
return $msg . ' ' . $tz;
return $msg;
add_filter( 'llms_get_restriction_message', 'my_llms_get_restriction_message', 10, 2 );
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