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Created May 5, 2013 08:59
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from pyelasticsearch import ElasticSearch, ElasticHttpNotFoundError
from pyparsing import *
import unittest
ELASTICSEARCH_URL = 'http://localhost:9200/'
es = ElasticSearch(ELASTICSEARCH_URL)
class Node(list):
def __eq__(self, other):
return list.__eq__(self, other) and self.__class__ == other.__class__
def __repr__(self):
return '%s(%s)' % (self.__class__.__name__, list.__repr__(self))
def group(cls, expr):
def group_action(s, l, t):
lst = t[0].asList()
except (IndexError, AttributeError), e:
lst = t
return [cls(lst)]
return Group(expr).setParseAction(group_action)
def get_query(self):
raise NotImplementedError()
class TextNode(Node):
def get_query(self, field='_all'):
return {
'match_phrase_prefix': {
field: {
'query': self[0],
'max_expansions': 10
class ExactNode(Node):
def get_query(self, field='_all'):
return {
'match_phrase': {
field: self[0]
class ComparisonNode(Node):
def get_query(self):
field = self[0]
op = self[1]
node = self[2]
if op == ':':
return node.get_query(field)
raise NotImplementedError('Only ":" comparisons are implemented.')
unicode_printables = u''.join(unichr(c) for c in xrange(65536)
if not unichr(c).isspace())
word =
exact ='"', unquoteResults=True, escChar='\\'))
term = exact | word
comparison_name = Word(unicode_printables, excludeChars=':')
comparison = + Literal(':') + term)
content = OneOrMore(comparison | term)
def get_query(search_query):
nodes = content.parseString(search_query, parseAll=True).asList()
return {
'bool': {
'must': [node.get_query() for node in nodes]
def perform_search(search_query):
full_query = {
'query': get_query(search_query),
results =, index=ELASTICSEARCH_INDEX, doc_type='lead')
return results['hits']['hits']
class ParserTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
""" Tests the internals of the parser. """
def assertMatch(self, parser, input):
parser.parseString(input, parseAll=True)
def assertNoMatch(self, parser, input):
parser.parseString(input, parseAll=True)
except ParseException:
raise ValueError('match should fail', input)
def test_word(self):
self.assertMatch(word, 'john')
self.assertNoMatch(word, 'john taylor')
def test_exact(self):
self.assertMatch(exact, '"john taylor"')
self.assertMatch(exact, r'"John said \"Hello world\""')
self.assertNoMatch(exact, 'john')
def test_term(self):
self.assertMatch(term, 'john')
self.assertMatch(term, '"john taylor"')
self.assertNoMatch(term, 'john taylor')
def test_comparison(self):
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'created_by: justin')
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'created_by : justin')
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'created_by :justin')
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'location: "san francisco"')
self.assertNoMatch(comparison, 'justin')
def test_content(self):
self.assertMatch(content, 'john')
self.assertMatch(content, '"john taylor"')
self.assertMatch(content, 'john taylor')
self.assertMatch(content, 'calls: 0 status: trial')
self.assertMatch(content, 'john calls: 0 status: "trial expired"')
self.assertMatch(content, 'spam "john taylor" bacon egg')
class ASTTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
""" Ensures the abstract syntax tree is generated properly. """
def assertAstMatch(self, input, expected_ast):
ast = content.parseString(input, parseAll=True).asList()
self.assertEqual(ast, expected_ast)
def test_parser(self):
self.assertAstMatch('john "new york"', [
ExactNode(['new york']),
self.assertAstMatch('email_opened: yes', [
ComparisonNode(['email_opened', ':', TextNode(['yes'])]),
self.assertAstMatch('location: "los angeles"', [
ComparisonNode(['location', ':', ExactNode(['los angeles'])]),
self.assertAstMatch('phone: 415 status: "trial expired" john', [
ComparisonNode(['phone', ':', TextNode(['415'])]),
ComparisonNode(['status', ':', ExactNode(['trial expired'])]),
class QueryGenerationTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
def test_exact(self):
ExactNode(['san francisco']).get_query(),
{ 'match_phrase': { '_all': 'san francisco' } }
def test_text(self):
{ 'match_phrase_prefix': { '_all': { 'query': 'john', 'max_expansions': 10 } } }
def test_comparison(self):
ComparisonNode(['city', ':', ExactNode(['new york'])]).get_query(),
{ 'match_phrase': { 'city': 'new york' } }
ComparisonNode(['city', ':', TextNode(['minneapolis'])]).get_query(),
{ 'match_phrase_prefix': { 'city': { 'query': 'minneapolis', 'max_expansions': 10 } } }
def test_query(self):
self.assertEqual(get_query('phone: 415 status: "trial expired" john "new york"'),
{'bool': {'must': [
{'match_phrase_prefix': {'phone': {'query': '415', 'max_expansions': 10}}},
{'match_phrase': {'status': 'trial expired'}},
{'match_phrase_prefix': {'_all': {'query': 'john', 'max_expansions': 10}}},
{'match_phrase': {'_all': 'new york'}}
class SearchTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
except ElasticHttpNotFoundError:
self.leads = [{
"id": 1,
"company": "Facebook Inc.",
"contact": "Mark Zuckerberg",
"city": "Menlo Park",
"description": "an online networking site"
}, {
"id": 2,
"company": "Microsoft",
"contact": "Steve Ballmer",
"city": "Redmond",
"description": "software and online services"
for lead in self.leads:
es.index('myindex', 'lead', lead, lead['id'])
# Wait for the search index to be generated.
while es.status(ELASTICSEARCH_INDEX)['indices'][ELASTICSEARCH_INDEX]['docs']['num_docs'] < len(self.leads):
import time
def assertSearchMatch(self, query, matches):
results = perform_search(query)
self.assertEqual(set([int(r['_id']) for r in results]), set(matches))
def test_search(self):
self.assertSearchMatch('onl', [1, 2])
self.assertSearchMatch('online', [1, 2])
self.assertSearchMatch('online networking', [1])
self.assertSearchMatch('company: microsoft', [2])
self.assertSearchMatch('contact: microsoft', [])
self.assertSearchMatch('"menlo park"', [1])
self.assertSearchMatch('"park menlo"', [])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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