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Created February 8, 2018 15:56
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I'm originally from Maine (for non-Americans, that is the very Northeastern tip of the US. Basically Canada. Americans will naturally associate it with Lobsters, Potatoes, and Stephen King). My parents were serious hippies who got into the "homesteading" movement and built a log cabin in the middle of the woods. So my early childhood was spent with no electricity or running water miles from the nearest neighbors. We eventually rejoined civilization and I mostly grew up in the small town of Dexter, but finished high school even further north at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. I went to Bates College (a small liberal arts school still in Maine) majoring in Physics, then decided that I had to get as far away from Maine as I could and went away to Nanjing University (in Nanjing, China) for a semester. After coming back from China, I transferred to Columbia University in NYC and finished up a Computer Engineering degree there. When I graduated, I got a job as a programmer for Columbia's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, and worked there up until this last summer. In 2014 my partner and I moved to the Netherlands (Utrecht, specifically) working remotely. After about a year and a half, we moved to London, which is where I am currently based.

When I'm not doing computer stuff, I make a lot of weird art (see, play guitar, obsess over music (in the mid-2000s, some friends and I ran "Music (For Robots)", which was one of the bigger early music blogs), and travel as much as I can whenever I can. I've been a vegetarian and a Linux user for twenty years so it's amazing that I have any friends at all.

I have a cat named Tiny. She's a 14 year old grey Egyptian Mau. She has a habit of climbing onto my lap when I try to have video calls, so I'm sure you'll meet her sooner or later.

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