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Created July 4, 2013 08:37
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OVM Website Implementation Notes

Main Website

Plan is:

  • build out the current site
  • re-theme in line with design from Alice

I can hack a Wordpress theme as well as most. I am no expert though and I am relatively expensive. Other options are:

  • Wholegrain Digital: experts, high-medium price, based Hub Westminster
  • Outsource: I know two options in India, low price, maybe useful ongoing

Mailing List

We need to capture emails for mail outs and to host discussions.

I think:

  • for casual interest, we have an email list and use mailchimp / etc.
  • for community discussion we use a public google group


Core team publish events on a consistent meetup or eventbrite. Wider members publish events wherever. All events aggregated on our blog using an events category, with the publish date set to the event date, so they're viewable on a calendar UI.


Three options for Wiki software:

Pros and cons:

  • MediaWiki: fully featured, familiar, ugly, requires separate login
  • Gollum: minimal, stores plain text docs in a public git repo, separate login
  • WordPress: basic wiki pages on a WordPress site, shares login with website

Note that with Gollum, we either run our own instance, or we use a public repo on a account:

  • pro: allows us to build a public repo of open documents
  • con: requires a GitHub password to edit content
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