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thruflo / cluster-setup.sql
Created October 4, 2021 07:13 — forked from marcocitus/cluster-setup.sql
Basic geo-partitioning for Citus
-- set up a global cluster
select citus_set_coordinator_host('us-coordinator-hostname', 5432);
select citus_add_node('us-worker1-hostname', 5432);
select citus_add_node('us-worker2-hostname', 5432);
select citus_add_node('eu-coordinator-hostname', 5432);
select citus_add_node('eu-worker1-hostname', 5432);
select citus_add_node('eu-worker2-hostname', 5432);
-- make sure we can run distributed queries on EU coordinator
select start_metadata_sync_to_node('eu-coordinator-hostname', 5432);
thruflo / gist:604178
Created September 30, 2010 07:27 — forked from tav/gist:604107

I've made some changed to try and make it clearer, e.g.: putting summaries at the top of the main answers. In some cases I've edited a bit more. I hope the revisions make sense.

The main issue is the first main answer 1. The idea and its potential market impact. I've half revised and then made a note for you to finish off.

n.b.: I've changed references to Reputation Economy to Aggregated Micropayments -- for me it made much more sense to talk about a feature rather than a concept.

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