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Created January 11, 2021 22:56
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tmux and fzf: fuzzy tmux session/window/pane switcher (this version uses tmux new popup window)
# customizable
LIST_DATA="#{window_name} #{pane_title} #{pane_current_path} #{pane_current_command}"
FZF_COMMAND="fzf-tmux -p --delimiter=: --with-nth 4 --color=hl:2"
# do not change
# select pane
LINE=$(tmux list-panes -a -F "$TARGET_SPEC $LIST_DATA" | $FZF_COMMAND) || exit 0
# split the result
args=(${LINE//:/ })
# activate session/window/pane
tmux select-pane -t ${args[2]} && tmux select-window -t ${args[1]} && tmux switch-client -t ${args[0]}
bind-key ` run-shell -b
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vnea commented Nov 25, 2021

Very nice script :D.

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