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@thurask thurask/prds.txt

Last active Feb 18, 2019
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import hashlib
import random
import sys
import time
from defusedxml import ElementTree
except (ImportError, AttributeError):
from xml.etree import ElementTree
import requests
def prep_sess():
sess = requests.Session()
sess.headers.update({"User-Agent": "com.tcl.fota/, Android"})
return sess
def salt():
millis = round(time.time() * 1000)
tail = "{0:06d}".format(random.randint(0, 999999))
return "{0}{1}".format(str(millis), tail)
def check(sess, serid, curef, fv="AAM481", mode=4, ftype="Firmware", cltp=2010, cktp=2, rtd=1, chnl=2):
geturl = ""
params = {"id": serid, "curef": curef, "fv": fv, "mode": mode, "type": ftype, "cltp": cltp, "cktp": cktp, "rtd": rtd, "chnl": chnl}
req = sess.get(geturl, params=params)
if req.status_code == 200:
raise SystemExit
def update_request(sess, serid, curef, tv, fwid, salt, vkh, fv="AAM481", mode=4, ftype="Firmware", cltp=2010):
posturl = ""
params = {"id": serid, "curef": curef, "fv": fv, "mode": mode, "type": ftype, "tv": tv, "fw_id": fwid, "salt": salt, "vk": vkh, "cltp": cltp}
req =, data=params)
if req.status_code == 200:
return req.text
raise SystemExit
def getcode(sess, url):
req = sess.head(url)
return req.status_code
def vkhash(serid, curef, tv, fwid, salt, fv="AAM481", ftype="Firmware", mode=4, cltp=2010):
vdkey = "1271941121281905392291845155542171963889169361242115412511417616616958244916823523421516924614377131161951402261451161002051042011757216713912611682532031591181861081836612643016596231212872211620511861302106446924625728571011411121471811641125920123641181975581511602312222261817375462445966911723844130106116313122624220514"
query = "id={0}&salt={1}&curef={2}&fv={3}&tv={4}&type={5}&fw_id={6}&mode={7}&cltp={8}{9}".format(serid, salt, curef, fv, tv, ftype, fwid, mode, cltp, vdkey)
engine = hashlib.sha1()
engine.update(bytes(query, "utf-8"))
return engine.hexdigest()
def parse_check(body):
root = ElementTree.fromstring(body)
tv = root.find("VERSION").find("TV").text
fwid = root.find("FIRMWARE").find("FW_ID").text
fileinfo = root.find("FIRMWARE").find("FILESET").find("FILE")
filename = fileinfo.find("FILENAME").text
filesize = fileinfo.find("SIZE").text
filehash = fileinfo.find("CHECKSUM").text
return tv, fwid, filename, filesize, filehash
def parse_request(body):
root = ElementTree.fromstring(body)
slave = root.find("SLAVE_LIST").find("SLAVE").text
dlurl = root.find("FILE_LIST").find("FILE").find("DOWNLOAD_URL").text
return "http://{0}{1}".format(slave, dlurl)
def main2(sess, serid, curef):
checktext = check(sess, serid, curef)
tv, fwid, fn, fs, fh = parse_check(checktext)
print("{0}: {1}".format(curef, tv))
def main(sess, serid, curef):
checktext = check(sess, serid, curef)
tv, fwid, filename, filesize, filehash = parse_check(checktext)
slt = salt()
vkh = vkhash(serid, curef, tv, fwid, slt)
updatetext = update_request(sess, serid, curef, tv, fwid, slt, vkh)
downloadurl = parse_request(updatetext)
print("{0}: HTTP {1}".format(filename, getcode(sess, downloadurl)))
if __name__ == "__main__":
sess = prep_sess()
serid = "543212345000000"
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
if sys.argv[1] == "l":
with open("prds.txt", "r") as afile:
prdx =
prds = prdx.split("/n")
for prd in prds:
main2(sess, serid, prd)
curef = sys.argv[1]
curef = "PRD-63764-001"
main(sess, serid, curef)
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