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Andy Bakun thwarted

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thwarted / qbselect.go
Created Mar 2, 2017
an experimental query builder that might make it easier to create safe SQL using prepared statements w/ support for variable length IN expressions
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package qb
import (
func placeHolders(howmany int) (s string) {
s = "?"
for ; howmany > 1; howmany-- {
s += ",?"
thwarted /
Created Dec 25, 2015
some simple scripts to invoke steam as a separate user for non-robust filesystem isolation
#!/bin/bash -x
if [[ -z "$XTXAUTH" ]]; then
echo "XTXAUTH not set, was this invoked correctly?"
exit 1
server=$( echo "$XTXAUTH" | awk '{ print $1 }' )
xauth add $XTXAUTH
thwarted /
Last active Aug 27, 2015
defines a function `assign` that allows returning multiple values from a function/command
# assign var1 varN... = c arg...
# execute c and assign captured values to the list of variables
# values can be output from c by redirecting/writing to:
# >${outvar[x]}
# >&x
# where x is the index of the variable you want to return the value
# in
thwarted /
Created Aug 3, 2015
test case for "An error occured on select: 4" in typhoeus/ethon; start httppause and then run makerequest.rb
if [[ "$NESTED" ]]; then
IFS=$( echo -e '\r' )
while read line; do
[[ -z "$line" ]] && break
sleep 10
thwarted / zipcode.go
Created Feb 3, 2015
example of matching a format and returning an error in go from JSON parsing
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type ZipP4 string
func (z *ZipP4) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
return []byte(fmt.Sprintf(`"%s"`, *z)), nil
func (z *ZipP4) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) (err error) {
if z == nil {
return errors.New("ZipP4: UnmarshalJSON on nil pointer")

Mostly gleaned from the instructions at to setup the initiator.

Overview of the steps:

server1 is serving the targets and has IP desktop1 is initiator. Both machines are in the subnet.

  • installed netbsd-iscsi (yum install netbsd-iscsi in my case for Centos 6.5)
  • updated the netmask in /etc/iscsi/targets to be
  • created the empty file that would be the backing store for the target with dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/iscsi-target0 bs=1024 count=100000 (this matches what's in the sample config in /etc/iscsi/targets)
thwarted / portserve
Created Nov 19, 2014
portserve - simple script used to test haproxy healthcheck settings
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if [[ "$2" ]]; then
msg="serving port $1"
size=$( echo "$msg" | wc -c )
read request
while /bin/true; do
read x
if [[ "$x" == "" ]]; then
View pipe-to-dgram
exec 3> >( while /bin/true ; do socat -t0 -T0 -u STDIN UDP: ; done )
while /bin/true; do
while read line; do
echo "$line"
echo "$line" >&3
sleep 0.1
done < /vagrant/testlog
thwarted / transmission.initd
Created Sep 19, 2014
control script for transmission; you'll need to roll your own settings.json
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TRHOME=$( readlink -f $( dirname $0 ) )
# mkdir -p complete config incomplete logs torrents
dostart() {
transmission-daemon \
--config-dir $TRHOME/config \
thwarted / FOR_EACH.cmacros.h
Created Sep 17, 2014
a FOR_EACH C Preprocessor macro that works under both GNU CC and Visual Studio 2013/MSVC
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/* all this verbosity is required for this to work reliably and predictably
* on both GCC and MSVC
/* because gcc cpp doesn't recursively expand macros, so a single CALLIT
* macro can't be used in all the FE_n macros below
#define FE_CALLITn01(a,b) a b
#define FE_CALLITn02(a,b) a b
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