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Making an expandable box with nothing but html and css you can also have only one div, and just change the height of it.
input[type="checkbox"].expand-content{ display:none; }
input[type="checkbox"].expand-content ~ .collapsed { display:block; }
input[type="checkbox"].expand-content ~ .expanded { display:none; }
input[type="checkbox"].expand-content:checked ~ .collapsed { display:none; }
input[type="checkbox"].expand-content:checked ~ .expanded { display:block; }
<input type="checkbox" class="expand-content" />
<div class="collapsed">this is the small content</div>
<div class="expanded">this is the big content</div>
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Michael-E-Rose commented Jan 11, 2016

This is very good, I'll embed it in my website. There is however one problem: The first box is always starts expanded while the following start collapsed. Why's that?

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Michael-E-Rose commented Jan 11, 2016

Nevermind, it works again. I just changed display:block; to display:none; several times.

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