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Sublime Hints of the Day

David's Sublime Hints

Hint 1 - Set default indentation to 2 spaces

A tab size of 2 almost always looks better and can fit more on screen

  • Click on Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Settings - User
  • Alter the file to add "tab_size: 2" and save it

Mine looks like the following:

	"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Solarized (Light).tmTheme",
	"font_size": 20,
	"tab_size": 2

Hint 2 - Install Sublime Autocomplete All

It's more helpful to have autocomplete across all of your open files, as we have more an more files open. Fortunately, there's a plugin for that!

Hit cmd+shift+p in Sublime to open the Command Pallete. Start typing 'install' to select 'Package Control: Install Package', then search for AllAutocomplete and select it. That's it.

Hint 3 - Install JSHint for automatic JavaScript linting

Linting is automatically evaluating your code for syntax errors, style and best practices. And we've got a tool for it!

This is a bit more complicated, as it requires you install Node.js.

  • Install Node.js and NPM. You still may find better instructions out there
  • Run npm install jshint from your bash terminal.
  • Install Sublime-JSHint. Cmd+Shift+P in Sublime. Start typing install, select Package Control: Install Package type js gutter, select JSHint Gutter
  • Configure JS Gutter/JSHint. Hit Cmd+Shift+P and start typing jshint set plugin and go to the Set Plugin Options. Set lint_on_edit and lint_on_save to be true. Save the file. Now when you edit/save a JavaScript file it will automatically lint!

Minor note with JSHint

It will probably bug you about stuff that you don't want to be bothered about. Consult this link on configuring a hidden .jshintrc file in each of your projects to configure what type of things you want JSHint to look for.

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