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Logic composability problems of lifecycle hooks in React

Suppose I have these components in my project:

class MessageHeader extends React.Component { /* ... */ }

class NiceButton extends React.Component { /* ... */ }

class FridgeContents extends React.Component { /* ... */ }
wzup / .bashrc
Last active Feb 21, 2021
alias for Git Bash on Windows
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# create a file C:\Users\[user]\.bashrc
# add this content
# add your onw aliases or changes these ones as you like
# to make a dot (.bashrs) file in windows, create a file ".bashrs." (without extention) and save. windows will save it as ".bashrc"
alias ls='ls -alh'
alias cdnginx='cd /c/nginx && ls'
alias cdmcga='cd /c/Users/[user]/sbox/node/mcga && ls'
alias cdfood9='cd /c/Users/[user]/sbox/node/food9 && ls'
alias cdmysql='cd /c/nginx/mysql/bin && ls'