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Created January 3, 2012 21:14
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SVN Git Mirror

Create Git Mirror from SVN Repository

This guide will demonstrate how to mirror an SVN into a Git repo. You're the target audience if you're an SVN user, just getting started with Git and need to coax your project team over to Git.

The branching scenario has been simplified for clarity.


First off, I'll give some credits. I've lifted all this information from various placed on the web. You should probably follow these links for better instruction. :)


We'll start assuming that you

  • Have installed Git
  • Have an SVN repo with standard layout (trunk, branches, tags)
  • Can type into a terminal

We'll also assume that SVN trunk is your integration branch, and that SVN branches/production contains the production code.

Creating the Local Git Repository

# Clone an SVN repo with Git
git svn init -s
cd project_name

# Fetch the SVN branches to the local Git repo
git svn fetch

# Once this is done, you’re local 'master' branch is linked to trunk/.
# Make a new branch for develop & check it out
git checkout -b develop 

# Back to master.
git checkout master

# We'll change this to link local 'develop' branch to trunk
git reset --hard production

If you'd like to see how your branches are organized you can view all branches

# Show current branches
git branch -va

Adding a Git remote

Now we have Git branches properly mapped to SVN branches. But, so far there's only a relationship with the SVN repository. We need to create another relationship to the Git repo.

You can use an existing Git repository, or create a new one. In either case, you'll need the remote Git URL to add the remote. You can name the remote anything you'd like, but the default remote name is 'origin'.

# Add a Git remote
git remote add origin

Keeping Up to Date

Once things are configured, it's a matter of keeping the git mirror up to date.

The basic procedure looks like this:

Get Latest Code from SVN

git checkout develop     // Switch to develop branch
get svn rebase           // Get latest stuff from SVN repository

# Push changes to git remote
# git push <repository> <branch>
git push origin develop  // Send code to Github repository


At some point you'll want to get your code into production. We'll assume that you're going to use git to merge the whole thing over to master. (This is a much-too-simple worldview, but source control strategy and workflow isn't in scope of this article.)

# In git, merging pulls code from another branch into the current branch:
# git merge <branch_to_merge_from>

git checkout master
git merge develop
git push origin master
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I'm trying to do something similar, but I can't for the life of me understand what this step is doing:

# We'll change this to link local 'develop' branch to trunk
git reset --hard production

Why the reset?

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please take a look at my 14 lines script:
The script mirrors all branches from svn into a git repository.

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andry81 commented Jul 28, 2018

Here is another one click solution over pure and raw windows batch scripts (windows only).
(no sources inside, you have to checkout it through the svn)

Supported only svn-to-git mirroring.

If you want to something clean and bigger, then you have to write your own one.

Link does not exist anymore. Have found another solution with permanent migration using subgit + vcstool (with sparse checkout fork):

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Your link is offline :(

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andry81 commented Oct 29, 2023

@farOverNinethousand I've removed it because completely moved to the git. If you still want to mirror (not migrate, but not excluding that), then I recommend to use the SubGit:

The SubGit is the only reliable solution I could find and it is free for SVN migration:

If you are doing a one-time migration from SVN to git, you may use SubGit without any license — just download the tool.
Yet if you need support, sign up for a trial license.

If you want to start partial migration to migrate later completely, then you can use original repo of vcstool: (vcstool2 has removed support of not Git repositories)

It can use GIT external repositories together with SVN external repositories.

PS: SVN-to-Git mirroring is a pain in arse, DO NOT use it, instead migrate to Git and use Git instead.

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Damn SVN-to-GIT mirroring is exactly what I wanted to do here.
Many thanks for the super detailed response!

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andry81 commented Nov 1, 2023

@farOverNinethousand There is too many blocks and pitfalls on the road of a full SVN-to-Git mirroring. One of these are svn:externals. There is no a reliable way to mirror them because it requires a remote repo creation on a Git hub or server. There is no such functionality in the Git, because it is a part of a hub. All you can do is write down a script to map all svn:externals to Git branches or external repos, but that is not easy either. I can recall only one script that has tried to acquire this:

And there won't be any duplex mode. If you commit and pushed something to the Git manually, then you have to manually port it back to the SVN.

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Okay someone just did exactly what I was looking for (a mirror of the JDownloader SVN repo): mirror/jdownloader#58 (comment)
Looks like he did this with github actions?
Thank you nevertheless for your detailed answer. If I ever need to set this up myself, I know where to find all relevant information.

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andry81 commented Nov 1, 2023


Okay someone just did exactly what I was looking for (a mirror of the JDownloader SVN repo): mirror/jdownloader#58 (comment) ->

This is not a complete and automatic mirror. He just checkouts 4 predefined root directories and pushes them into the git repo. If there would be other root directories or a root directory rename, then the script will miss that. All svn properties seems does ignore too.

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Okay good to know.
The links to the forks are not helpful though as there is no current git mirror of the JDownloader SVN available apart from [maybe] the new one I linked.
Thanks for the additional explanation regarding the missing SVN properties.

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rinrab commented Mar 18, 2024

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