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ticoombs/isso.conf Secret

Created Dec 27, 2015
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Default isso configuration for a ghost blog with moderation enabled
# Isso Config
# vim: set filetype=ini
# database location, check permissions, automatically created if not exists
dbpath = /var/lib/isso/comments.db
# your website or blog (not the location of Isso!)
# you can add multiple hosts for local development
# or SSL connections. There is no wildcard to allow
# any domain.
host =
max-age = 15
notify = smtp
log-file = /var/log/isso/isso.log
enabled = true
purge-after = 180d
listen = unix:///tmp/isso.sock
reload = off
profile = off
username =
password =
host = localhost
port = 25
security = none
from = "Isso" <isso@-YOURDOMAIN->
timeout = 10
enabled = true
ratelimit = 2
direct-reply = 3
reply-to-self = false
options = strikethrough, autolink, fenced_code, no_intra_emphasis
# Additional HTML tags to allow in the generated output, comma-separated. By
# default, only a, blockquote, br, code, del, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr,
# ins, li, ol, p, pre, strong, table, tbody, td, th, thead and ul are allowed.
#allowed-elements =
# Additional HTML attributes (independent from elements) to allow in the
# generated output, comma-separated. By default, only align and href are
# allowed.
#allowed-attributes =
salt = 32charofrandomcharactersandlette
algorithm = pbkdf2
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