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#Styleguide This is the style-guide of tornadoFX. This styleguide is different from normal styleguides in that it doesn't say where you should put the braces and where ou should put four spaces. This guide is used to talk about the things that really matter, like when to use which Kotlin-features and when to do what in the framework-implementation.

This guide has two segments. One segment which talks about the Kotlin-features and what to use. The other part is about when to do what in the framework.

// top level function
inline fun ifp(boolean: Boolean?, noinline statements: ()->Unit)
= NonReturningIfContinuation().ElseIfP(boolean, statements)
inline fun ifn(boolean: Boolean?, noinline statements: ()->Unit)
= NonReturningIfContinuation().ElseIfN(boolean,statements)
inline fun <reified T> retIfn(boolean: Boolean?, noinline statements: ()->T)
= ReturningIfContinuation<T>().ElseIfN(boolean,statements)
inline fun <reified T> retIfP(boolean: Boolean?, noinline statements: ()->T)
= ReturningIfContinuation<T>().ElseIfN(boolean,statements)

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