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tigusigalpa / database.php
Last active Oct 26, 2020
Laravel PostgreSQL SSL encryption connection config
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* 1. You have to store your client SSL certificates on your Laravel server, in my case this is /var/certs/
* 2. You have to right select SSL mode for PostgreSQL (see, verify-full means your server CA is signed for real domain name for the PostgreSQL server (recommended)
* 3. Go to Laravel config/database.php to the section 'pgsql' and extend it to the following:
return [
'connections' => [
/*'mysql' etc*/
tigusigalpa / check_moodle_version.php
Last active Jan 11, 2020
Check the current Moodle version function by given params
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* Function to check the current Moodle version pass your params
* @param $version Number of version or release (depends on @param $checkfor)
* @param string $checkfor ['all' or 'release' ($version like '3.1.3')] or 'version' ($version like '2016052303')
* @param string $compare
* @author Igor Sazonov <>
* @return bool
function checkMoodleVersion($version, $checkfor = 'all', $compare = '>=') {