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Last active March 7, 2020 08:43
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Standard Donkeycar Config
DRIVE_LOOP_HZ = 50 # the vehicle loop will pause if faster than this speed.
MAX_LOOPS = None # the vehicle loop can abort after this many iterations, when given a positive integer.
IMAGE_W = 224
IMAGE_H = 224
IMAGE_DEPTH = 3 # default RGB=3, make 1 for mono
#9865, over rides only if needed, ie. TX2..
PCA9685_I2C_ADDR = 0x40 # I2C address, use i2cdetect to validate this number
PCA9685_I2C_BUSNUM = 0 # None will auto detect, which is fine on the pi. But other platforms should specify the bus num.
USE_SSD1306_128_32 = True # Enable the SSD_1306 OLED Display
SSD1306_128_32_I2C_BUSNUM = 1 # I2C bus number
#SERVO_HBRIDGE_PWM use ServoBlaster to output pwm control from the PiZero directly to control steering, and HBridge for a drive motor.
DEFAULT_MODEL_TYPE = 'linear' #(linear|categorical|rnn|imu|behavior|3d|localizer|latent|transfer|inferred)
BATCH_SIZE = 128 #how many records to use when doing one pass of gradient decent. Use a smaller number if your gpu is running out of memory.
TRAIN_TEST_SPLIT = 0.8 #what percent of records to use for training. the remaining used for validation.
MAX_EPOCHS = 100 #how many times to visit all records of your data
SHOW_PLOT = True #would you like to see a pop up display of final loss?
VERBOSE_TRAIN = True #would you like to see a progress bar with text during training?
USE_EARLY_STOP = True #would you like to stop the training if we see it's not improving fit?
EARLY_STOP_PATIENCE = 5 #how many epochs to wait before no improvement
MIN_DELTA = .0005 #early stop will want this much loss change before calling it improved.
PRINT_MODEL_SUMMARY = True #print layers and weights to stdout
CACHE_IMAGES = False #keep images in memory. will speed succesive epochs, but crater if not enough mem.
USE_JOYSTICK_AS_DEFAULT = True #when starting the, when True, will not require a --js option to use the joystick
JOYSTICK_MAX_THROTTLE = 0.85 #this scalar is multiplied with the -1 to 1 throttle value to limit the maximum throttle. This can help if you drop the controller or just don't need the full speed available.
JOYSTICK_STEERING_SCALE = 1.0 #some people want a steering that is less sensitve. This scalar is multiplied with the steering -1 to 1. It can be negative to reverse dir.
AUTO_RECORD_ON_THROTTLE = True #if true, we will record whenever throttle is not zero. if false, you must manually toggle recording with some other trigger. Usually circle button on joystick.
CONTROLLER_TYPE = 'xbox' #(ps3|ps4|xbox|nimbus|wiiu|F710|rc3)
JOYSTICK_DEADZONE = 0.01 # when non zero, this is the smallest throttle before recording triggered.
JOYSTICK_THROTTLE_DIR = 1.0 # use -1.0 to flip forward/backward, use 1.0 to use joystick's natural forward/backward
# #When racing, to give the ai a boost, configure these values.
# AI_LAUNCH_DURATION = 0.0 # the ai will output throttle for this many seconds
# AI_LAUNCH_THROTTLE = 0.0 # the ai will output this throttle value
# AI_LAUNCH_ENABLE_BUTTON = 'R2' # this keypress will enable this boost. It must be enabled before each use to prevent accidental trigger.
# AI_LAUNCH_KEEP_ENABLED = False # when False ( default) you will need to hit the AI_LAUNCH_ENABLE_BUTTON for each use. This is safest. When this True, is active on each trip into "local" ai mode.
# #Scale the output of the throttle of the ai pilot for all model types.
AI_THROTTLE_MULT = 1.0 # this multiplier will scale every throttle value for all output from NN models
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