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Stream files from S3 as ZIP file.
use Aws\S3\S3Client;
use ZipStream\ZipStream; //
use GuzzleHttp\Client as HttpClient;
protected function streamAsZip($files)
$s3 = S3Client::factory('...');
$zip = new ZipStream("");
foreach ($files as $file) {
$request = $s3->createPresignedRequest(
$s3->getCommand('GetObject', [
'Key' => $file->path,
'Bucket' => 'bucket-name',
'+20 seconds'
$tmpfile = tempnam(sys_get_temp_dir(), str_random());
(new HttpClient)->request('GET', (string) $request->getUri(), ['sink' => fopen($tmpfile, 'w+')]);
$fp = fopen($tmpfile, 'r');
$zip->addFileFromStream(basename($file->path), $fp);

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@JacobBennett JacobBennett commented Feb 15, 2017

is this a Guzzle HttpClient?


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@tillkruss tillkruss commented Feb 15, 2017

@JacobBennett: Yes, just added the missing import.

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