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#I very much appreciate Joshua Ulrich's ( forked version
#which offers a much nicer top section of the final graph
#forked version resides here
#get index tickers without the ^ which we will add in the getSymbols
#name the indexes
names(tckrs) <- c("S&P 500","US 10y Yld","DJ Commodity","Developed","Developing")
#use paste to add the ^ to the index tickers
getSymbols(paste("^",tckrs,sep=""), from="1986-01-01", to=Sys.Date())
#start with 1st; just avoids an if statement in the for loop
#not sure what is best coding practice
indexes <- to.monthly(get(tckrs[1]))[,4]
for (i in 2:length(tckrs)) {
#merge into one big nice xts
indexes <- merge(indexes,to.monthly(get(tckrs[i]))[,4])
colnames(indexes) <- names(tckrs)
indexes <- na.omit(indexes)
index(indexes) <- as.Date(index(indexes))
#set start date to 2008-06 but feel free to use any date you like
indexes.roc <- indexes["2008-06::"]/lag(indexes["2008-06::"],k=1)-1
indexes.roc[1,] <- 0
indexes.cumul <- as.xts(apply(1+indexes.roc[,1:5],MARGIN=2,cumprod))
#stuff we re-use
#make plot
layout(matrix(1:2, 2),heights=c(8,5))
plot.zoo(indexes.cumul-1,col=colors,lwd=c(3,3,2,2,2),screens=1,xlab=NA,ylab="% Change",las=1)
#this is the primary change Joshua Ulrich made
#to allow a much nicer labelling of points on a right vertical margin
axis(4, coredata(last(indexes.cumul))-1,labels=FALSE)
mtext(labs, 4, at=coredata(last(indexes.cumul))-1,las=1,col=colors,line=1)
title(main="World Equity, Bond, and Commodity Indexes since June 2008",cex.main=1.25)
names.arg=labs[barInd], ylab="% Change",ylim=c(-0.5,0),cex.names=0.75)
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