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Created June 10, 2019 13:55
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a list of all VMs
timf@iorangi-eth0 jr list -l vm
binder triton, public, release, tritonservice=binder, image=manta-nameservice, mg=binder, vm, manta, mantaservice=nameservice
boray manta, public, vm
electric-boray manta, public, vm
electric-moray manta, public, release, vm, mg=electric-moray, mantaservice=electric-moray, image=manta-electric-moray
mahi triton, public, release, tritonservice=mahi, image=manta-authcache, mg=mahi, vm, manta, mantaservice=authcache
manta-garbage-collector manta, public, release, vm, mantaservice=garbage-collector, mg=manta-garbage-collector, image=manta-garbage-collector
manta-madtom manta, public, release, vm, mantaservice=madtom, mg=madtom, image=manta-madtom
manta-mako manta, public, release, vm, mantaservice=storage, mg=mako, image=manta-storage
manta-manatee triton, public, manta, release, vm, mantaservice=postgres, mg=manta-manatee, image=manta-postgres
manta-marlin manta, public, release, vm, mantaservice=jobsupervisor, mg=marlin, image=manta-jobsupervisor
manta-marlin-dashboard manta, public, release, vm, mantaservice=marlin-dashboard, mg=marlin-dashboard, image=manta-marlin-dashboard
manta-medusa manta, public, release, vm, image=manta-medusa, mg=medusa, mantaservice=medusa
manta-mola manta, public, release, vm, mg=mola, mantaservice=ops, image=manta-ops
manta-muskie manta, public, release, vm, mg=muskie, image=manta-webapi, mantaservice=webapi
manta-reshard manta, public, release, vm, mg=manta-reshard, mantaservice=reshard, image=manta-reshard
manta-wrasse manta, public, release, vm, mg=wrasse, mantaservice=jobpuller, image=manta-jobpuller
moray triton, public, release, tritonservice=moray, image=manta-moray, mg=moray, vm, manta, mantaservice=moray
muppet manta, public, release, vm, mg=muppet, mantaservice=loadbalancer, image=manta-loadbalancer
pgstatsmon manta, public, release, vm, mg=pgstatsmon, mantaservice=pgstatsmon, image=manta-pgstatsmon
piranha triton, public=false, release, vm
sdc-adminui triton, public, release, tritonservice=adminui, image=adminui, mg=adminui, vm
sdc-amon triton, public, release, tritonservice=amon, image=amon, mg=amon, vm
sdc-amonredis triton, public, release, tritonservice=amonredis, image=amonredis, mg=amonredis, vm
sdc-assets triton, public, release, tritonservice=assets, image=assets, mg=assets, vm
sdc-booter triton, public, release, tritonservice=dhcpd, image=dhcpd, mg=dhcpd, vm
sdc-cloudapi triton, public, release, tritonservice=cloudapi, image=cloudapi, mg=cloudapi, vm
sdc-cnapi triton, public, release, tritonservice=cnapi, image=cnapi, mg=cnapi, vm
sdc-docker triton, public, release, tritonservice=docker, image=docker, mg=docker, vm
sdc-fwapi triton, public, release, tritonservice=fwapi, image=fwapi, mg=fwapi, vm
sdc-imgapi triton, public, release, tritonservice=imgapi, image=imgapi, mg=imgapi, vm
sdc-manatee triton, public, release, tritonservice=manatee, image=sdc-postgres, mg=sdc-manatee, vm, manta
sdc-manta triton, public, release, tritonservice=manta, image=manta-deployment, mg=manta-deployment, vm, manta
sdc-napi triton, public, release, tritonservice=napi, image=napi, mg=napi, vm
sdc-nat triton, public, release, tritonservice=nat, image=nat, mg=nat, vm
sdc-nfsserver triton, public, release, image=nfsserver, mg=nfsserver, vm
sdc-papi triton, public, release, vm, tritonservice=papi, mg=papi, image=papi
sdc-portolan triton, public, release, tritonservice=portolan, image=portolan, mg=portolan, vm
sdc-rabbitmq triton, public, release, tritonservice=rabbitmq, image=rabbitmq, mg=rabbitmq, vm
sdc-sapi triton, public, release, tritonservice=sapi, image=sapi, mg=sapi, vm
sdc-sdc triton, public, release, mg=sdc, tritonservice=sdc, image=sdc, vm
sdc-ufds triton, public, release, tritonservice=ufds, image=ufds, mg=ufds, vm
sdc-vmapi triton, public, release, tritonservice=vmapi, image=vmapi, mg=vmapi, vm
sdc-volapi triton, public, release, tritonservice=volapi, image=volapi, mg=volapi, vm
sdc-workflow triton, public, release, tritonservice=workflow, image=workflow, mg=workflow, vm
sdcsso triton, public=false, release, tritonservice=sdcsso, image=sdcsso, mg=sdcsso, vm
triton-cmon triton, public, release, tritonservice=cmon, image=cmon, mg=cmon, vm
triton-cns triton, public, release, tritonservice=cns, image=cns, mg=cns, vm
triton-grafana triton, public, tritonservice=grafana, mg=grafana, vm
triton-kbmapi triton, public, tritonservice=kbmapi, mg=kbmapi, vm
triton-logarchiver triton, public, tritonservice=logarchiver, mg=logarchiver, vm
triton-mockcloud triton, public, release, image=mockcloud, mg=mockcloud, vm
triton-prometheus triton, public, tritonservice=prometheus, mg=prometheus, vm, manta, release, mantaservice=manta-prometheus, image=manta-prometheus
timf@iorangi-eth0 env | grep JR
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