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Install sleepwatcher to restart bluetooth & friends
brew install sleepwatcher
sudo cp /usr/local/Cellar/sleepwatcher/2.2/de.bernhard-baehr.sleepwatcher-20compatibility.plist /Library/LaunchAgents/
sudo cp /usr/local/Cellar/sleepwatcher/2.2/etc/sleepwatcher/rc.* /etc/
# Add bluetooth script to /etc/rc.wakeup (the script requires root)
sudo tee -a /etc/rc.wakeup <<EOF
## Restart blued & load/unload bluetooth driver.
function msg() {
what="\$(tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' <<< \${foo:0:1})\${foo:1}"
echo ">> \${what}ing \$1...";
function __blued() {
msg "blued" "\$1";
sudo launchctl \$1 /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
function __driver() {
msg "bluetooth driver" "\$1";
sudo kext\$1 -b
__blued "unload"
__driver "unload"
sleep 2;
__driver "load";
__blued "load"
# Load the agent to start sleepwatcher
sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/de.bernhard-baehr.sleepwatcher-20compatibility.plist

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@inspiredearth inspiredearth commented Jul 16, 2015

Thanks for this. Very helpful for my MBP Bluetooth woes.

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