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Making bots.

Tim Kinnane timkinnane

Making bots.
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I'd like to introduce a new utility called Client Commands, a solution created to allow the Rocket.Chat server to trigger actions in subscriber clients (bots and possibly other websocket clients). This is handled at the adapter and/or SDK level, not by final users (e.g. normal bot developers).

The problem

Bots subscribe to a message stream and respond to message events, but there's no way for the server to prompt them to do anything other than that.

In order to provide a range of new management features for administrating bot clients, getting data or triggering any non message response action, we need to send data to be interpreted by the client as a command. Such data, identified here by ClientCommands, could not be sent through the normal message stream, because:

  • a) it would go to everyone, not just bot clients
  • b) it would need hack workarounds to filter commands from normal message data
  • c) it would be kept forever, bloating message collection storage
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Verifying my Blockstack ID is secured with the address 1Htvmm5DbsDJCSSRuHByX4YJbEkGHtpTY7
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<div id="wrapper">
<header class="group">
<h1>Email auto-suggest</h1>
<p id="author" class="group">By Stuart Tayler</p>
<a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-via="stuarttayler1" data-count="none">Tweet</a>
<script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs');</script>
<p>Email address</p>
<div id="placement">
View require_image.php
add_action('save_post', 'wpds_check_thumbnail');
add_action('admin_notices', 'wpds_thumbnail_error');
function wpds_check_thumbnail($post_id) {
// change to any custom post type
if(get_post_type($post_id) != 'post')
if ( !has_post_thumbnail( $post_id ) ) {
timkinnane / database_table_example.php
Last active Nov 1, 2017
Take a WPDB query result and display it as a table, with headers from data keys. Creates demo menu page to show example table. #wordpress Basic example for previewing results, handy for debugging etc, but doesn't provide much validation, sorting, pagination etc.
View database_table_example.php
* Take a WPDB query result and display it as a table, with headers from data keys.
* This example only works with ARRAY_A type result from $wpdb query.
* @param array $db_data Result from $wpdb query
* @return bool Success, outputs table HTML
* @author Tim Kinnane <>
* @link
timkinnane / dynamic_image_downsize.php
Created Feb 2, 2015
Filter the output of image_downsize() to return dynamically generated images for intermediate or inline sizes. Long description in php doc block.
View dynamic_image_downsize.php
* Filter the output of image_downsize() to return dynamically generated images for intermediate or inline sizes.
* <p>Because Wordpress generates all image sizes on first upload, if you change
* theme or size settings after the upload, there won't be a matching file for
* the requested size.<br/>
* This filter addresses the problem of the default downsize process laoding
* a large file and scaling it down in the browser if it doesn't find the right
* size image. This can cause large files to be loaded unnecessarily and will
timkinnane / functions.php
Last active Aug 29, 2015 — forked from MikeNGarrett/wp-3-8-replace-open-sans
Replace WP dashboard and admin bar font with your own (optional) locally hosted font. NOTE: I've used Roboto to match my theme, but called it Open Sans. This prevents error for admin plugin dependencies that expect an Open Sans style to be registered. WHY: If I'm doing local development offline page loads were always delayed by the Google Fonts …
View functions.php
// Reregister Open-sans as Roboto.
function replace_open_sans() {
// Replace the URL with your local or remote css
$roboto_open_sans_url = get_template_directory_uri().'/assets/fonts/roboto-hack.css';
wp_deregister_style( 'open-sans' );
wp_register_style( 'open-sans', $roboto_open_sans_url );
add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'replace_open_sans' );
timkinnane / nested_custom_background_cb.php
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Apply custom background style on an element within the body. e.g. If you're using off-canvas and on-canvas containers, you may want the background only on the #canvas. It overwrites the theme support feature array value with a custom callback, but I haven't tested what happens if other key/values are defined elsewhere. There are no filters yet f…
View nested_custom_background_cb.php
function nested_custom_background_cb() {
$bg_style_tag = ob_get_contents();
$bg_style_tag = str_replace( 'body.custom-background', 'body.custom-background #canvas', $bg_style_tag );
echo $bg_style_tag;
add_theme_support( 'custom-background', array( 'wp-head-callback' => 'nested_custom_background_cb' ) );
timkinnane /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Change .htpasswd setting (specifically on Digital Ocean droplets). Note This is a shell snippet but it can't be executed as is. Step 2 is manual.
# 1. Use htapasswd to set new pass for admin
sudo htpasswd /etc/apache2/.htpasswd admin
# 2. Update /etc/apache2/apache2.conf with folders to be protected
<DirectoryMatch ^.*/protected-folder/>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Restricted Area"
AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/.htpasswd
Require valid-user
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