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A template tag for `django-cms` that allows a placeholder to be rendered and placed in a context variable so that the placeholder can be conditionally loaded. This code was originally submitted on the `django-cms` Google Group by Benoit Domingue:!topic/django-cms/WDUjIpSc23c/discussion
from classytags.arguments import Argument, MultiValueArgument
from classytags.values import StringValue
from cms.templatetags.cms_tags import Placeholder, PlaceholderOptions
from cms.models.placeholdermodel import Placeholder as PlaceholderModel
from django import template
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
register = template.Library()
class RenderGetPlaceholder(Placeholder):
Render the content of a placeholder to a variable. Can be provided
with the name of the placholder (i.e. "Header" in the case of a normal
CMS page) or a template variable containing a placeholder (i.e. myentry.content in the
case of an external app using a placeholder)
{% get_placeholder ["string"|placeholder_var] as variable_name %}
{% load extra_cms_tags %}
{% get_placeholder "My Placeholder" as my_placeholder %}
{% if my_placeholder %}
{{ my_placeholder }}
{% endif %}
name = "get_placeholder"
options = PlaceholderOptions(
Argument('name', resolve=True),
MultiValueArgument('extra_bits', required=False, resolve=False),
Argument('varname', resolve=False, required=True),
('endplaceholder', 'nodelist'),
def render_tag(self, context, name, extra_bits, varname, nodelist=None):
if isinstance(name, PlaceholderModel):
content = name.render(context, None)
content = super(RenderGetPlaceholder, self).render_tag(context, name, extra_bits, nodelist)
context[varname] = mark_safe(content)
return ""
def get_name(self):
# Fix some template voodoo causing errors
if isinstance(self.kwargs['name'].var, StringValue):
return self.kwargs['name'].var.value.strip('"').strip("'")
return self.kwargs['name'].var.var
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