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Created Mar 15, 2016
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timo@schmetterling ~/p/e/SDL2_raw (master)> grep wval partiles_speshlog.txt | sort | uniq | grep -v '\?'
const_s r20(10), lits(wval)
const_s r21(4), lits(wval_wide)
wval r10(10), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r10(10), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r10(10), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r10(10), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r10(11), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r10(12), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r10(12), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r10(13), liti16(0), liti16(29849) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r10(15), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r10(15), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(132) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(18526) (Uninstantiable: Real)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(42) (Uninstantiable: Iterable)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r10(1), liti16(0), liti16(9050) (P6opaque: X::Cannot::Lazy)
wval r10(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r10(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r10(1), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r10(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r10(1), liti16(1), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r10(2), liti16(0), liti16(18526) (Uninstantiable: Real)
wval r10(2), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r10(2), liti16(0), liti16(29880) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r10(2), liti16(0), liti16(54) (VMArray: IterationBuffer)
wval r10(2), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r10(2), liti16(0), liti16(93) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r10(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r10(2), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r10(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r10(2), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r10(3), liti16(0), liti16(25759) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r10(3), liti16(0), liti16(27) (Uninstantiable: Positional)
wval r10(3), liti16(0), liti16(47) (Uninstantiable: PositionalBindFailover)
wval r10(3), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r10(3), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r10(4), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r10(4), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r10(5), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r10(5), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r10(5), liti16(0), liti16(32585) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r10(5), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r10(5), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r10(5), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r10(6), liti16(0), liti16(27) (Uninstantiable: Positional)
wval r10(6), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r10(6), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r10(6), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r10(7), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r10(7), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r10(8), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r10(8), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r10(8), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r10(8), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r11(11), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r111(30), liti16(0), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r11(13), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r11(15), liti16(1), liti16(154) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r11(1), liti16(0), liti16(21268) (P6opaque: Order)
wval r11(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r11(1), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r11(1), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r11(1), liti16(0), liti16(42) (Uninstantiable: Iterable)
wval r11(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r11(1), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r11(1), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r11(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r11(1), liti16(1), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r11(2), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r11(2), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r11(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r11(2), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r11(2), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r11(3), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r11(3), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r11(3), liti16(0), liti16(32470) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r11(4), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r11(4), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r11(4), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r11(4), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r11(4), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r11(5), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r11(5), liti16(0), liti16(37) (Uninstantiable: Callable)
wval r11(5), liti16(0), liti16(5220) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r11(5), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r11(5), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r11(6), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r11(7), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r11(7), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r11(8), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r11(8), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r11(8), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r11(8), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r11(9), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r12(10), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r12(12), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r12(12), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r12(15), liti16(0), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Rakudo::Internals)
wval r12(15), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r12(17), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r12(17), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r12(18), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r12(1), liti16(0), liti16(1465) (P6opaque: X::OutOfRange)
wval r12(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r12(1), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r12(1), liti16(0), liti16(32317) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r12(1), liti16(1), liti16(26) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r12(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r12(2), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r12(2), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r12(2), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r12(30), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r12(3), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r12(3), liti16(0), liti16(5219) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r12(3), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r12(4), liti16(0), liti16(32585) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r12(4), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r12(4), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r12(4), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r12(5), liti16(0), liti16(21269) (P6opaque: Order)
wval r12(5), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r12(6), liti16(0), liti16(21270) (P6opaque: Order)
wval r12(6), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r12(7), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r12(7), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r12(7), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r12(7), liti16(0), liti16(7827) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r12(8), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r12(9), liti16(0), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Rakudo::Internals)
wval r12(9), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r12(9), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r12(9), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r12(9), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(10), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r13(15), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(17), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r13(18), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r13(1), liti16(0), liti16(37) (Uninstantiable: Callable)
wval r13(1), liti16(0), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r13(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(1), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r13(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r13(20), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r13(21), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r13(22), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r13(22), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(2), liti16(0), liti16(21270) (P6opaque: Order)
wval r13(2), liti16(0), liti16(29476) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r13(2), liti16(0), liti16(32470) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r13(2), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r13(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r13(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r13(32), liti16(0), liti16(216) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r13(3), liti16(0), liti16(5220) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r13(3), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r13(3), liti16(1), liti16(37) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(4), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r13(4), liti16(0), liti16(93) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r13(5), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r13(6), liti16(0), liti16(21269) (P6opaque: Order)
wval r13(6), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(6), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r13(7), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r13(7), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(7), liti16(0), liti16(9238) (P6opaque: <anon|157320592>)
wval r13(8), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(8), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r13(9), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r13(9), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r13(9), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r1(3), liti16(0), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r14(10), liti16(1), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r14(11), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r14(14), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r14(14), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r14(17), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r14(1), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r14(1), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r14(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r14(1), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r14(1), liti16(1), liti16(41) (P6opaque: Capture)
wval r14(2), liti16(0), liti16(503) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r14(2), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r14(2), liti16(0), liti16(87) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r14(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r14(2), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r14(3), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r14(3), liti16(0), liti16(32470) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r14(4), liti16(0), liti16(27) (Uninstantiable: Positional)
wval r14(4), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r14(5), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r14(5), liti16(0), liti16(5220) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r14(5), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r14(5), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r14(6), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r14(6), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r14(7), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r14(9), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r14(9), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r14(9), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r15(10), liti16(0), liti16(7827) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r15(10), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r15(17), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r15(19), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r15(1), liti16(0), liti16(29944) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r15(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r15(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r15(1), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r15(23), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r15(2), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r15(31), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r15(3), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r15(4), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r15(6), liti16(0), liti16(5219) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r15(6), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r15(7), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r15(8), liti16(0), liti16(8) (P6opaque: Whatever)
wval r16(10), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r16(11), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r16(12), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r16(13), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r16(13), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r16(1), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r16(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r16(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r16(23), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r16(2), liti16(0), liti16(132) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r16(2), liti16(0), liti16(37) (Uninstantiable: Callable)
wval r16(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r16(3), liti16(0), liti16(5220) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r16(3), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r16(3), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r16(48), liti16(6), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r16(4), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r16(5), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r16(7), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r16(7), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r16(8), liti16(0), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Failure)
wval r16(8), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r16(9), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r16(9), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r17(11), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r17(14), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r17(15), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r17(19), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r17(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r17(1), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r17(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r17(1), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r17(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r17(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r17(23), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r17(2), liti16(0), liti16(37) (Uninstantiable: Callable)
wval r17(2), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r17(2), liti16(0), liti16(42) (Uninstantiable: Iterable)
wval r17(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r17(3), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r17(3), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r18(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r18(1), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r18(2), liti16(0), liti16(132) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r18(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r18(3), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r18(4), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r18(7), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r18(8), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r19(13), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r19(2), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r19(3), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r19(4), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r19(5), liti16(0), liti16(32) (Uninstantiable: Associative)
wval r19(5), liti16(4), liti16(249) (P6opaque: SDL_INIT)
wval r19(6), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r19(6), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r19(7), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r20(12), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r20(2), liti16(0), liti16(217) (P6opaque: List)
wval r21(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r21(2), liti16(0), liti16(118) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r21(6), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r21(8), liti16(1), liti16(41) (P6opaque: Capture)
wval r2(1), liti16(0), liti16(31) (P6opaque: Regex)
wval r2(1), liti16(0), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r2(1), liti16(0), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r2(1), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r22(10), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r22(16), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r22(17), liti16(1), liti16(153) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r22(19), liti16(0), liti16(1460) (P6opaque: FatRat)
wval r22(1), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r22(21), liti16(0), liti16(87) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r22(2), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r22(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r22(3), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r22(5), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r22(6), liti16(0), liti16(72) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r22(7), liti16(0), liti16(123) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r2(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r23(10), liti16(0), liti16(156) (P6opaque: Label)
wval r23(12), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r23(1), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r23(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r23(1), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r23(1), liti16(1), liti16(41) (P6opaque: Capture)
wval r23(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r23(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r23(3), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r23(4), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r23(5), liti16(0), liti16(1460) (P6opaque: FatRat)
wval r23(6), liti16(0), liti16(1460) (P6opaque: FatRat)
wval r23(7), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r23(9), liti16(0), liti16(8) (P6opaque: Whatever)
wval r2(3), liti16(0), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r2(3), liti16(0), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r24(15), liti16(0), liti16(87) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r24(1), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r24(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r24(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r24(1), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r24(1), liti16(4), liti16(355) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r24(2), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r24(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r24(2), liti16(4), liti16(434) (P6opaque: SDL_RendererFlags)
wval r24(4), liti16(0), liti16(117) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r24(5), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r2(4), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r25(10), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r25(11), liti16(0), liti16(127) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r25(17), liti16(0), liti16(87) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r25(18), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r25(19), liti16(0), liti16(76) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r25(1), liti16(0), liti16(503) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r25(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r25(1), liti16(4), liti16(355) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r25(2), liti16(0), liti16(218) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r25(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r25(36), liti16(0), liti16(127) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r25(7), liti16(0), liti16(76) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r26(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r26(20), liti16(4), liti16(1205) (CStruct: SDL_Event)
wval r26(26), liti16(0), liti16(177) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r26(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r26(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r26(31), liti16(0), liti16(73) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r26(32), liti16(0), liti16(205) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r26(37), liti16(0), liti16(205) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r26(3), liti16(0), liti16(119) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r26(3), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r26(44), liti16(0), liti16(73) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r26(45), liti16(0), liti16(209) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r26(50), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r26(5), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r26(8), liti16(0), liti16(77) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r27(10), liti16(0), liti16(19384) (P6opaque: Rat)
wval r27(12), liti16(0), liti16(25753) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r27(13), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r27(17), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r27(1), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r27(1), liti16(1), liti16(42) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r27(2), liti16(0), liti16(121) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r27(31), liti16(0), liti16(25847) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r27(4), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r28(11), liti16(0), liti16(23) (P6opaque: Signature)
wval r28(16), liti16(0), liti16(186) (P6opaque: WhateverCode)
wval r28(1), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r28(1), liti16(4), liti16(308) (P6opaque: SDL_WindowFlags)
wval r28(21), liti16(0), liti16(30) (P6opaque: Submethod)
wval r28(26), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r28(28), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r28(2), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r28(6), liti16(0), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r28(8), liti16(0), liti16(1460) (P6opaque: FatRat)
wval r29(17), liti16(0), liti16(214) (P6opaque: Rat)
wval r29(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r29(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r29(1), liti16(1), liti16(42) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r29(29), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r29(2), liti16(0), liti16(1460) (P6opaque: FatRat)
wval r29(46), liti16(6), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r29(4), liti16(0), liti16(120) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r29(4), liti16(0), liti16(6184) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r29(8), liti16(6), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r30(11), liti16(0), liti16(25754) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r30(12), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r30(14), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r30(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r30(37), liti16(0), liti16(127) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r30(7), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r31(17), liti16(0), liti16(27) (Uninstantiable: Positional)
wval r31(1), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r3(11), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r31(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r31(3), liti16(0), liti16(25692) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r31(5), liti16(0), liti16(122) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r31(9), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r3(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r3(1), liti16(0), liti16(37) (Uninstantiable: Callable)
wval r3(1), liti16(0), liti16(5) (P6opaque: Pair)
wval r3(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r3(1), liti16(1), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r32(16), liti16(6), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r32(20), liti16(0), liti16(127) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r3(2), liti16(0), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r33(11), liti16(0), liti16(25851) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r33(17), liti16(6), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r33(2), liti16(0), liti16(213) (P6opaque: Rat)
wval r33(2), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r33(47), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r33(5), liti16(0), liti16(25703) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r3(3), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r34(14), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r34(15), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r34(18), liti16(0), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r34(19), liti16(0), liti16(25757) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r34(19), liti16(0), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r34(1), liti16(0), liti16(19384) (P6opaque: Rat)
wval r34(1), liti16(0), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r34(20), liti16(0), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r34(23), liti16(0), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r34(4), liti16(0), liti16(189) (P6opaque: WhateverCode)
wval r34(4), liti16(0), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r34(5), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r34(6), liti16(1), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r34(7), liti16(0), liti16(25745) (P6opaque: Regex)
wval r34(9), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r35(10), liti16(0), liti16(19384) (P6opaque: Rat)
wval r35(11), liti16(0), liti16(206) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r35(11), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(13), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(15), liti16(1), liti16(153) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r35(17), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(19), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(1), liti16(0), liti16(182) (P6opaque: WhateverCode)
wval r35(23), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(25), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(35), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(37), liti16(1), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r35(3), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r35(42), liti16(0), liti16(25703) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r35(5), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r35(6), liti16(0), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r35(7), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r36(12), liti16(0), liti16(195) (P6opaque: WhateverCode)
wval r36(17), liti16(0), liti16(204) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r36(27), liti16(0), liti16(207) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r36(29), liti16(0), liti16(208) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r36(8), liti16(0), liti16(215) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r3(6), liti16(0), liti16(29884) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r37(10), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r37(1), liti16(1), liti16(42) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r37(2), liti16(1), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r37(6), liti16(0), liti16(203) (P6opaque: WhateverCode)
wval r40(1), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r4(11), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r4(16), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r4(1), liti16(0), liti16(18526) (Uninstantiable: Real)
wval r4(1), liti16(0), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r4(1), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r4(1), liti16(0), liti16(42) (Uninstantiable: Iterable)
wval r4(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r4(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r4(2), liti16(0), liti16(147) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r43(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r4(3), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r4(3), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r4(3), liti16(1), liti16(23) (P6opaque: Signature)
wval r4(3), liti16(1), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r4(3), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r4(3), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r44(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r4(4), liti16(0), liti16(23) (P6opaque: Signature)
wval r45(7), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r4(5), liti16(0), liti16(26173) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r4(5), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r4(5), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r4(5), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r46(10), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(12), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(16), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(18), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(1), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r46(22), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(24), liti16(0), liti16(25706) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r46(28), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(30), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(34), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r46(4), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r46(6), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r47(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r48(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r49(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r50(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r50(3), liti16(0), liti16(30) (P6opaque: Submethod)
wval r51(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r5(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r5(1), liti16(0), liti16(32317) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r5(1), liti16(0), liti16(37) (Uninstantiable: Callable)
wval r5(1), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(26) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r5(1), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r52(3), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r52(5), liti16(0), liti16(2442) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r5(2), liti16(0), liti16(147) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r5(2), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r5(2), liti16(0), liti16(29840) (P6opaque: <anon|353281408>)
wval r5(2), liti16(0), liti16(32317) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r5(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r5(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r5(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r53(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r5(3), liti16(0), liti16(32317) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r5(3), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r5(3), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r5(3), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r5(3), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r54(13), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r5(4), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r5(4), liti16(0), liti16(54) (VMArray: IterationBuffer)
wval r5(4), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r55(11), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r55(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r5(5), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r5(5), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r56(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r5(6), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r5(6), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r57(1), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r5(8), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r5(8), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r59(3), liti16(0), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r60(10), liti16(0), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r60(5), liti16(0), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r61(27), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r61(4), liti16(0), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r61(5), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r6(1), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r6(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r6(1), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r6(1), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r6(1), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r6(1), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r6(1), liti16(1), liti16(23) (P6opaque: Signature)
wval r6(1), liti16(1), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r6(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r6(1), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r6(1), liti16(1), liti16(42) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r6(2), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r6(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r6(2), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r6(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r6(3), liti16(0), liti16(10327) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r6(3), liti16(0), liti16(21269) (P6opaque: Order)
wval r6(3), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r6(3), liti16(0), liti16(29329) (P6opaque: X::Seq::Consumed)
wval r6(3), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r6(3), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r6(3), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r6(3), liti16(1), liti16(26) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r6(3), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r6(3), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r6(4), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r6(4), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r6(4), liti16(1), liti16(26) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r6(4), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r6(4), liti16(1), liti16(43) (P6opaque: ObjAt)
wval r6(5), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r6(5), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r6(5), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r6(5), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r66(10), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r6(6), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r6(6), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r6(6), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r6(7), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r6(7), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r68(7), liti16(0), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r69(7), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r7(10), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r7(11), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r71(25), liti16(0), liti16(24) (P6opaque: Parameter)
wval r7(12), liti16(1), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r7(13), liti16(0), liti16(29849) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r7(13), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(111) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(32317) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(42) (Uninstantiable: Iterable)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(50) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(54) (VMArray: IterationBuffer)
wval r7(1), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r7(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r7(1), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r7(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r7(1), liti16(1), liti16(37) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r7(1), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r7(1), liti16(1), liti16(42) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r7(2), liti16(0), liti16(111) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r7(2), liti16(0), liti16(8757) (P6opaque: <anon|158945456>)
wval r7(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r7(2), liti16(1), liti16(27) (P6opaque: Routine)
wval r7(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r7(2), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r7(3), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r7(3), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r7(3), liti16(0), liti16(54) (VMArray: IterationBuffer)
wval r7(3), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r7(3), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r7(4), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r7(4), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r7(4), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r7(5), liti16(0), liti16(32550) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r7(5), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r7(5), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r7(5), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r7(5), liti16(1), liti16(41) (P6opaque: Capture)
wval r7(6), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r7(6), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r7(6), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r7(6), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r7(7), liti16(0), liti16(4052) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r7(7), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r7(7), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r7(9), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r7(9), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r8(10), liti16(0), liti16(29849) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r8(11), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r8(12), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r8(12), liti16(0), liti16(26) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r8(12), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r81(5), liti16(0), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r8(17), liti16(0), liti16(9050) (P6opaque: X::Cannot::Lazy)
wval r8(17), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r8(1), liti16(0), liti16(147) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r8(1), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r8(1), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r8(1), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r8(1), liti16(0), liti16(32317) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r8(1), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r8(1), liti16(1), liti16(41) (P6opaque: Capture)
wval r8(2), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r8(2), liti16(0), liti16(26172) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r8(2), liti16(0), liti16(29923) (P6opaque: Method)
wval r8(2), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r8(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r8(2), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r8(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r8(2), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r8(3), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r8(3), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r8(3), liti16(0), liti16(503) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r8(3), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r8(3), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r8(3), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r8(3), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r8(4), liti16(0), liti16(147) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r8(4), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r8(4), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r8(4), liti16(0), liti16(54) (VMArray: IterationBuffer)
wval r8(4), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r8(4), liti16(0), liti16(93) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r8(4), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r8(4), liti16(1), liti16(41) (P6opaque: Capture)
wval r8(5), liti16(0), liti16(16757) (P6opaque: X::Numeric::DivideByZero)
wval r8(5), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r8(5), liti16(0), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r8(5), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r8(5), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r8(6), liti16(0), liti16(14) (P6opaque: Cursor)
wval r8(6), liti16(0), liti16(25) (P6opaque: Code)
wval r8(6), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r8(6), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r8(6), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r8(7), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r8(7), liti16(0), liti16(503) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r8(7), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r8(7), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r88(11), liti16(0), liti16(47) (P6opaque: Junction)
wval r8(8), liti16(0), liti16(29872) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r8(8), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r8(8), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r8(9), liti16(0), liti16(24997) (P6opaque: Match)
wval r8(9), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r9(10), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r9(10), liti16(0), liti16(9302) (P6opaque: <anon|172422416>)
wval r9(11), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(11), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r9(19), liti16(1), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r9(1), liti16(0), liti16(1465) (P6opaque: X::OutOfRange)
wval r9(1), liti16(0), liti16(17936) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r9(1), liti16(0), liti16(18526) (Uninstantiable: Real)
wval r9(1), liti16(0), liti16(29866) (P6opaque: Block)
wval r9(1), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r9(1), liti16(0), liti16(503) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r9(1), liti16(0), liti16(5) (P6opaque: Pair)
wval r9(1), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r9(1), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r9(1), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(1), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r9(1), liti16(1), liti16(38) (P6opaque: Array)
wval r9(1), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r9(1), liti16(1), liti16(42) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r9(21), liti16(0), liti16(32146) (P6opaque: List::Reifier)
wval r9(2), liti16(0), liti16(148) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(2), liti16(0), liti16(18526) (Uninstantiable: Real)
wval r9(2), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r9(2), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r9(2), liti16(1), liti16(17) (P6opaque: Any)
wval r9(2), liti16(1), liti16(32) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r9(2), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(2), liti16(1), liti16(35) (P6opaque: Num)
wval r9(3), liti16(0), liti16(132) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(3), liti16(0), liti16(8252) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r94(57), liti16(0), liti16(16) (P6opaque: Mu)
wval r9(4), liti16(0), liti16(111) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(4), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r9(4), liti16(0), liti16(503) (P6opaque: Str)
wval r9(4), liti16(0), liti16(57) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(4), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r9(4), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r9(5), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r9(5), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r9(5), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r9(5), liti16(1), liti16(18) (P6opaque: Nil)
wval r9(5), liti16(1), liti16(39) (P6opaque: Map)
wval r9(6), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r9(6), liti16(0), liti16(59) (P6opaque: Slip)
wval r9(6), liti16(1), liti16(34) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(6), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval r9(6), liti16(1), liti16(40) (P6opaque: Hash)
wval r9(7), liti16(0), liti16(32541) (P6opaque: <anon|379002576>)
wval r9(7), liti16(0), liti16(6517) (Uninstantiable: Iterator)
wval r9(8), liti16(0), liti16(132) (P6opaque: Int)
wval r9(8), liti16(0), liti16(20) (P6opaque: Attribute)
wval r9(8), liti16(0), liti16(6637) (P6opaque: Seq)
wval r9(8), liti16(1), liti16(153) (P6opaque: Bool)
wval r9(9), liti16(1), liti16(36) (P6opaque: List)
wval_wide r10(1), liti16(0), liti64(36884) (VMArray: array)
wval_wide r10(3), liti16(0), liti64(35936) (P6opaque: Method)
wval_wide r11(1), liti16(0), liti64(35451) (P6opaque: Array::ArrayReificationTarget)
wval_wide r11(6), liti16(0), liti64(36231) (P6opaque: Str)
wval_wide r12(4), liti16(0), liti64(36099) (P6opaque: Method)
wval_wide r13(6), liti16(0), liti64(36099) (P6opaque: Method)
wval_wide r14(1), liti16(0), liti64(36884) (VMArray: array)
wval_wide r15(4), liti16(0), liti64(39317) (P6opaque: Block)
wval_wide r16(10), liti16(0), liti64(38851) (P6opaque: X::Hash::Store::OddNumber)
wval_wide r2(1), liti16(0), liti64(53909) (P6opaque: Str)
wval_wide r2(1), liti16(0), liti64(54768) (P6opaque: Str)
wval_wide r37(1), liti16(0), liti64(75366) (P6opaque: JSONPrettyGrammar)
wval_wide r5(2), liti16(0), liti64(35451) (P6opaque: Array::ArrayReificationTarget)
wval_wide r6(14), liti16(0), liti64(39470) (P6opaque: Block)
wval_wide r7(3), liti16(0), liti64(35936) (P6opaque: Method)
wval_wide r8(1), liti16(0), liti64(36884) (VMArray: array)
wval_wide r9(8), liti16(0), liti64(36099) (P6opaque: Method)
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