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How to fully uninstall Razer Synapse 2 on OS X (10.11-10.13) (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra) without using Razer's official uninstall tool
# How to uninstall Razer Synapse 2 ( )
# on OS X (10.11-10.13) (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra)
# without using Razer's official uninstall tool.
# Tested on OS X 10.11.5 in July 2016.
# Edited with additional steps for later OS X versions,
# contributed by commenters on this gist.
# Step 1: In your terminal: stop and remove launch agents
launchctl remove com.razer.rzupdater
launchctl remove com.razerzone.rzdeviceengine
sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razer.rzupdater.plist
sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razerzone.rzdeviceengine.plist
# Step 2: Remove HID kernel extension.
sudo rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions/RazerHid.kext
# OS X High Sierra: (Thanks to @DanThomson)
sudo rm -Rf /Library/Extensions/RazerHid.kext
# Step 3: Manually delete Razer Synapse app from Applications in Finder
# Step 4: Delete Razer files from "Application Support" folders:
sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Razer/
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Razer/
# Step 5: Synapse sometimes leaves a certificate installed in your Keychain.
# To remove it, open Keychain Access and click on My Certificates.
# The certificate will be called Razer USA Ltd, delete it. (Thanks to @MTCoster)
# There might an item called RAZER_KEYCHAIN_ACCESS. No certificate,
# but I suppose if you want to get rid of EVERYTHING Razer,
# you may as well go ahead and delete that too. (Thanks to @blueExcess)
# Step 6: Remove additional Razer-related files in /Library/FrameWorks
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/RzAudioSettings.framework/
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/RzSkinToolkit.framework/
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/RzStorageSDK.framework/
# Step 7: Restart your Mac.
# Expected results:
# - The Razer icon should be gone from the OS X menu bar now, and also not pop up sporadically either
# - The two processes "RzDeviceEngine" and "RzUpdater" should not be running when you check ActivityMonitor
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magiconair commented Oct 3, 2016

line 14 should say:

sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Razer/

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timotgl commented Oct 6, 2016

thanks @magiconair

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cjke commented Oct 19, 2016

Awesome, thanks! A lot of the Snapse functionality seemed to be playing up since sierra.

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Gknoblau commented Dec 12, 2016

Having so many problems with Razer Synapse. Its garbage

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jahumes commented Dec 18, 2016

Thanks so much for posting this! Razer Synapse has acted like a virus. I could not get it to completely go away, and with sierra, they have totally dropped the ball.

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mabendroth commented Jan 9, 2017


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dreampuf commented Jan 10, 2017


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blumtech commented Jan 26, 2017

nice, thanks!

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daxrepo commented Jan 27, 2017

Thanks a lot for this!

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EthanMichaels commented Jan 30, 2017

Thanks @timotgl. You also need to do this...

sudo rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions/RazerHid.kext

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lumt commented Feb 4, 2017

Thank you!

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soyarsauce commented Feb 9, 2017

Thanks, removed Razer Synapse again because of losing window focus every few seconds when it locks up.

Been reported to them almost 3 months ago now, not sure if it'll ever be addressed.

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montalex commented Feb 18, 2017

Thanks a lot!

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Kamprath commented Feb 22, 2017


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feriancek commented Mar 3, 2017

A+, thank you.

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matthojo commented Mar 7, 2017

🙌 This saved my sanity, thank you! The window focus bug is just something else..

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max-su commented Mar 21, 2017

much thanks!

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akshaygore06 commented Apr 10, 2017

Thank you so much!!

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Liko commented May 3, 2017

I don't have to restart my mac every two days now. Thank you!

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Shaunwei commented May 8, 2017

Much thanks! Razer Synapse is garbage!

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macgitwin commented May 9, 2017

Here're extra troubleshooting hints for those who are having trouble uninstalling the Windows version of Razer Synapse. Thanks.

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ben-richardson commented May 16, 2017

Thanks for this! I believe you should also remove /Library/Extensions/RazerHid.kext

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timotgl commented May 18, 2017

Thanks for that line @EthanMichaels, I added it.

@ben-richardson is this file the same as the one in /System/... (both named RazerHid.kext)? Does it exist twice or does the location depend on something?

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chris2fer commented Jun 29, 2017

I returning the entire keyboard because I have lost an entire day of work because this garbage software locks up my Mac every 2min.

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code1776 commented Jul 23, 2017

Jul 23 2017 -- Razer Synapse is still hot garbage. [OSX Sierra]
Random keypresses occur every 15 minutes.
They actually banned me for 2 weeks for complaining in the official Razer forums! I shit you not!

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MTCoster commented Jul 28, 2017

Synapse sometimes leaves a certificate installed in your Keychain. To remove it, open Keychain Access and click on My Certificates. The certificate will be called Razer USA Ltd, delete it.

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gabrielbidula commented Aug 18, 2017


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jtobard commented Sep 26, 2017

Thank you for this, the random keypress was annoying as F

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opensourceame commented Sep 27, 2017

If you look in Applications/utilities there's a file called "Uninstall Razer Synapse" that will uninstall it for you.

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daryllxd commented Nov 26, 2017

Holy cow was this the thing causing the unexpected keypresses I was having? Anyway thanks! 🙇‍♂️

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blueExcess commented Jan 21, 2018

Thank you so much lol. I honestly like the Chroma effect, but Synapse 2.0 is just so terrible... and it never really let me uninstall it completely without this!

But just FYI, in OS X 10.13, I went looking for that "Razer USA" certificate in Keychain Access, and instead found "RAZER_KEYCHAIN_ACCESS". No certificate, but I suppose if you want to get rid of EVERYTHING Razer, you may as well go ahead and delete that too.

P.S. Apparently they're about to release Synapse 3.0 (beta is out for PC as of Jan 21, 2018), so there's a chance it won't be a steaming pile of dog excrement like 2.0, if you're interested.

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tyuno123 commented Jan 28, 2018

Thanks for this! Worked like a charm on macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

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zavan commented Feb 12, 2018

Thanks worked here for High Sierra.
Synapse kept crashing and restarting, consuming a lot o CPU time.

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DanThomson commented Mar 10, 2018

On High Sierra I found the kernel extension in a different location.

sudo find / -name 'RazerHid.*'

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timotgl commented Mar 17, 2018

Updated gist with second location for kernel extension and certificate removal step.

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FranciscoocsicnarF commented Jul 26, 2018


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rogueai commented Jul 31, 2018


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levillanova commented Aug 28, 2018

well done! thanks!

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timotgl commented Oct 28, 2018

Found some more Razer-related files in /Library/Frameworks/ and updated the gist. Not quite sure if they appeared on my system because of Synapse 2.

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InsomniacSoftware commented Dec 4, 2018

Thank you so much for this! Here are some minor corrections I've encountered in cleaning out Synapse v1.85 (from osx 10.13.6)
In Keychain Access, easiest way is to select the "login" keychain and below that select the All Items category, then in the upper right corner, search for "razer". I had 2 results returned.

  • RAZER_KEYCHAIN_SERVICE ; application password
    This is your RazerID (email address and password) which is used to log into their website. If you are just uninstalling to reinstall and are going to continue to use Synapse, you don't need to remove this item.

  • * ; web certificate
    This is their web server security certificate so that the app can securely connect to their web services. This is an updated wildcard certificate that replaces the "Razer USA Ltd" certificate mentioned in the gist. It is located in the "login" keychain in the "Certificates" category, not the "My Certificates" category as mentioned in the gist.

Hope this helps, and again thanks

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tanyanghan commented Dec 11, 2018

Thank you, timotgl!

I just installed Razer Synapse Mac Driver v1.85 on Mojave 10.14.1 and it kept scrolling up indefinitely. I could not select anything in a drop down list or even scroll down to read a webpage.

On Terminal, it kept going up my bash history. I had to delete the ~/.bash_history file in order to execute the launchctl commands.

I could not enter the password for Sudo because it kept issuing the scroll up key, whatever that is and that meant I could not enter a correct password! I manually followed your script and had to use Finder to delete the folders and kext file.

Luckily I had finger print verification on or would have been stuffed if i had to enter my password to delete the files on Finder!

I rebooted but it kept on scrolling up until I followed your three lines to remove the folders in /Library/Frameworks:

sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/RzAudioSettings.framework/
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/RzSkinToolkit.framework/
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/RzStorageSDK.framework/ 

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AsyaKarapetyan commented Dec 12, 2018

Remove the following service files from ~/Library

  • com.razer.rzupdater.plist file
  • com.razerzone.rzdeviceengine.plist
  • Application Support/Razer
  • Cache/com.razerzone.RzUpdater
  • Cache/fsCachedData

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fmeehan commented Feb 21, 2019

Thanks a million! @magiconair

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shanerk commented Jul 9, 2019

One less spyware on my box, thanks!

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zeamp commented Dec 12, 2019

Excellent little script! I was very underwhelmed with Synapse v2 (Mac) compared to v3 on Windows. I immediately uninstalled it and then realized it leaves quite the trail. Kept popping up with "PROFILE" on my screen, would not fully quit even after emptying trash.

This did the trick.

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dora-gt commented Aug 31, 2020

Maybe we need sudo kextcache --clear-staging for 10.15 becasue there is /Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Extensions/RazerHid.kext.

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Gauhar commented Jan 28, 2021

OMG!! Such a life saver, I was having so many issues with this and this just saved the day!!

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jaronschulz commented May 4, 2021


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FernandoBoza commented Jul 11, 2021

Awesome sauce

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timotgl commented Aug 22, 2021

Found some more remnants of this software even today (sorry I don't have time to update the original gist):


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gaethug commented Sep 18, 2021

thank you!!!

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