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How to setup a headless OpenRCT2 server

This guide will explain how you can setup a headless OpenRCT2 server. It will go through all the necessary steps, feel free to skip the ones you don't need.


  • You have setup a user account that is not root
  • Experience with the command line
  • You can connect to your server using ssh

Copy a savegame to your server

You need to copy a scenario or saved game to your server. To copy files, we can use scp. From your local machine, run the following command in the terminal:

scp "Crazy Castle.SC6" <my-user>@<my-server-ip>:/home/<my-user>/

Install OpenRCT2 on the server

Login to the server:

ssh <my-user>@<your-server-ip>

Follow the instructions for your system, as found

Run the server

openrct2 host "Crazy Castle server.sv6" --port 11753 --headless

Make yourself admin

OpenRCT2 creates a public key for you and its hash can be used to change you admin rights. The hash is part of the filename of your public key. You can find the hash in ~/.config/OpenRCT2/keys/<your-username>-<hash>.pubkey. Copy this hash.

On the server, modify ~/.config/OpenRCT2/users.json, so it looks like the following json. The server account should already be there.

        "hash": "",
        "name": "<my-server-username>",
        "groupId": 0
        "hash": "<my-client-hash>",
        "name": "<my-client-username>",
        "groupId": 0
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