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use Bosnadev\Repositories\Contracts\RepositoryInterface;
class MovieCacheRepo implements RepositoryInterface
public function __construct(RepositoryInterface $repo, MyCustomCache $cache, MyCustomCacheKeyGenerator $keygen)
$this->repo = $repo;
$this->cache = $cache;
$this->keygen = $keygen;
* @return \Illuminate\Support\Collection
public function findBy($attribute, $value, $columns = array('*'))
// here I will generate a cache key base on $attribute and $value
// for example $attribute = 'category' $value = 'horror'
// my keygen will generate something like: move.list.category.horror
$key = $this->keygen->getCacheKey($attribute, $value);
// if my cache exists , no need to find in database
if ($this->cache->has($key)) {
return $this->cache->fetch($key);
// no cache, look into database
$entries = $this->repo-findBy($attribute, $value, $columns);
// cache the result
$this->cache->remember($key, $entries, 30);
return $entries;
$repo = new MovieCacheRepo(new MyFakeMovieDatabaseRepository, new MyFakeCache, new MyFakeCacheKeyGenerator);
$repo->findBy('category', 'horror'); // no cache so it will queue database, cache key move.list.category.horror
$repo->findBy('category', 'horror'); // have cache so it only fetch cache data
// things getting complicate when I using Criteria
$criteria = new LengthOverTwoHours(); //$model->where('length', '>', 120);
$dbRepo = new MyFakeMovieDatabaseRepository;
$repo = new MovieCacheRepo($dbRepo, new MyFakeCache, new MyFakeCacheKeyGenerator);
//MovieCacheRepo will never know what happen in criteria
$repo->findBy('category', 'horror'); // cache key still move.list.category.horror so it will still fetch from cache
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