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const choo = require('choo')
const html = choo.view
const onload = require('on-load')
const app = choo()
const page1 = (params, state, send) => {
const tree = html`
<h1>Page 1</h1>
<a href="/page2">Page 2</a>
onload(tree, () => console.log('page1 loaded'))
return tree
const page2 = (params, state, send) => {
const tree = html`
<h1>Page 2</h1>
<a href="/">Page 1</a>
onload(tree, () => console.log('page2 loaded'))
return tree
app.router((route) => [
route('/', page1),
route('/page2', page2)
const tree = app.start()

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crapthings commented Jul 16, 2016

is this the same lib that we used put

with choo ?

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