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Created December 6, 2018 14:53
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ES5 vs ES6 function for fix a function to take up to N-arguments (see N-ary or arity)
// pre-ES6
function _ary(fn, arity) {
arity = arity || 1;
return function() {
// could use Array.from(arguments).slice(0, arity) ?
var args =, 0, arity);
return fn.apply(null, args);
// ES6 version... lovely!
const _ary = (fn, arity = 1) => (...args) => fn(...args.slice(0, arity));
// try it:
var log1 = _ary(console.log);
var log3 = _ary(console.log, 3);
log1("will", "only", "take", "the first");
// output: will
log3("will", "only", "take 3 arguments", "and ignore all", "the others");
// output: will only take 3 arguments
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