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Gregory Karpinsky tivnet

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tivnet / ACE Editor: submit, beautify and minify.html
Last active Sep 19, 2019
ACE Editor: submit, beautify and minify
View ACE Editor: submit, beautify and minify.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>ACE Editor: submit, beautify and minify</title>
<style type="text/css" media="screen">
#ace_js, #ace_css {
width: 95%;
height: 15em;
border: 1px solid silver;
tivnet /
Created Apr 24, 2017
Plugin/Theme ZIP to Git keeping composer.json
if test -z ${1}; then
echo "Syntax: ${0} folder-name-same-as-zip-file";
exit 2;
mv ${1} ${1}.S && \
unzip -q ${1}.zip && \
rm ${1}.zip && \
tivnet /
Created Mar 16, 2017
A simplified version of a2ensite/a2dissite. Works under Windows with no symlinking.
# A simplified version of a2ensite/a2dissite. Works under Windows with no symlinking.
# Author: Gregory Karpinsky (@tivnet)
if [ ! -d sites-available ]
echo "Wrong folder!"
exit 2;
tivnet / apigen-hooks.php
Created Nov 2, 2016
Generate list of hooks (for WPGlobus)
View apigen-hooks.php
* File: apigen-hooks.php
* NOTE: this code is used internally in WPGlobus project.
* It's a W.I.P. - please use it, but do not forget to adapt for your project.
* @package WPGlobus\APIGen
* @author Gregory Karpinsky (@tivnet)
tivnet /
Created Jul 19, 2016
Split files into folders by EXIF original date
for f in `find . -name "*.jpg"`; do dd=`exif -t "Date and Time (Original)" --machine-readable $f | cut -f1 -d" " | sed s/:/-/g`; mkdir -p $dd && mv $f $dd/; done
tivnet / wc-api-manager-fix-2.php
Last active Jul 21, 2018
WooCommerce API Manager: Fix 2
View wc-api-manager-fix-2.php
// plugins/woocommerce-api-manager/includes/class-wc-am-update-api.php
// Add `$response->tested` to show "100% compatible" on the Updates page.
case 'pluginupdatecheck':
$response->id = $post_id;
$response->slug = ! empty( $this->slug ) ? $this->slug : $slug;
$response->plugin = $plugin_name;
$response->new_version = $api_data[ '_api_new_version' ];
$response->url = $api_data[ '_api_plugin_url' ];
tivnet / wc-api-manager-fix-1.php
Last active Oct 5, 2018
WooCommerce API Manager: Fix 1
View wc-api-manager-fix-1.php
// class WC_Api_Manager_Helpers
// Status can be lowercase.
public function is_user_subscription_active( $status ) {
// Wrong:
// return $status == 'Active' || $status == 'Pending Cancellation' ? true : false;
// Correct:
return ( strtolower( $status ) === 'active' || $status === 'Pending Cancellation' );
tivnet / php7-debug-backtrace-change.php
Created May 19, 2016
Demonstration of debug_backtrace change in PHP 7.
View php7-debug-backtrace-change.php
* Demonstration of debug_backtrace change in PHP 7.
* `call_user_func` and `call_user_func_array` do not appear as separate calls in the trace.
* @author Gregory Karpinsky (@tivnet)
tivnet / etc-monit-monitrc.d-redis
Last active Jan 21, 2020
Monitoring Redis with Monit : /etc/monit/monitrc.d/redis
View etc-monit-monitrc.d-redis
check host with address
if failed port 6379 protocol redis then alert
check process redis-server with pidfile "/var/run/redis/"
start program = "/etc/init.d/redis-server start"
stop program = "/etc/init.d/redis-server stop"
if failed host port 6379 then restart
if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout
View Xcel.html
<li id="customize-control-wpglobus_xcel-setting-blog-cats" class="customize-control customize-control-text" style="display: block;">
<span class="customize-control-title">Exclude Blog Categories</span>
<input type="text" class="wpglobus-customize-control" value="" data-customize-setting-link="wpglobus_xcel-setting-blog-cats" id="wpglobus_xcel-setting-blog-cats">
</li><li id="customize-control-xcel-setting-blog-cats" class="customize-control customize-control-text" style="display: none;">
<label style="display: none;">
<span class="customize-control-title">Exclude Blog Categories</span>
<span class="description customize-control-description">Enter the ID's of the post categories you'd like to EXCLUDE from the Blog, enter only the ID's with a minus sign (-) before them, separated by a comma (,)<br>Eg: "-13, -17, -19"<br>If you enter the ID's without the minus then it'll show ONLY posts in those categories.</span>
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