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// grab time spent
sum := Agg("duration_sum", Sum("duration"))
// grab time spent per label
labels := Agg("labels",
Terms("issue.labels.keyword", 100),
// grab time spent per day, and per label
View preact.go
// Package preact provides bindings to the preact library.
package preact
import ""
var preact = js.Global.Get("preact")
// Attrs of an element.
type Attrs map[string]interface{}
View status.html
{{ define "content" }}
{{ partial "back" (dict "url" "//") }}
<section class="Content full center">
<div class="Container small">
<div class="Title center margin">
<span class="text">Status</span>
<span class="subtext">Apex service status.</span>
View images.css
.Images.three {
--size: 450px;
--size-ratio: .75;
--size-small: calc(var(--size) * var(--size-ratio));
--inset: 150px;
--bottom: 25px;
display: flex;
justify-content: center;
align-items: flex-end;
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package main
import (
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# Imgix image replacement.
@echo "==> pointing images to $(IMAGE_CDN)"
@find build -type f -name "*.html" | xargs sed -i '' 's|src="/images|src="$(IMAGE_CDN)/images|g'
@find build -type f -name "*.html" | xargs sed -i '' 's|href="/images|href="$(IMAGE_CDN)/images|g'
.PHONY: images
show_icons() {
defaults write CreateDesktop true
killall Finder
hide_icons() {
defaults write CreateDesktop false
killall Finder
View colors.css
/* Gray */
@value gray-0: #f8f9fa;
@value gray-1: #f1f3f5;
@value gray-2: #e9ecef;
@value gray-3: #dee2e6;
@value gray-4: #ced4da;
@value gray-5: #adb5bd;
@value gray-6: #868e96;
@value gray-7: #495057;
View Connector.js
import React from 'react'
const bgStyles = {
strokeWidth: 3,
strokeLinejoin: 'round',
strokeLinecap: 'round',
fill: 'none',
stroke: '#c3fdff'
View modules.js
import React from 'react' // export default React
import React, Component from 'react' // first is default, followed by exported
import foo from 'lib' // no default, so just grab all exports
// Maybe there's some reasoning behind the other choices regarding static analysis but
// most of the otheres seem unnecessary. Alternatively just using the destructuring syntax
// would be pretty nice and easier to remember.