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@tjfontaine /test.js
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simple comparison of identify command vs binding
var imagick = require('imagick');
var imagemagick = require('imagemagick');
var path = require('path');
var assert = require('assert');
args = [
console.log('using:', args.join(' '));
function test(count, start, lib, args, end) {
if (count <= 0) {
lib.identify(args, function (error, metadata) {
assert.strictEqual(metadata.trim(), '~~~245~~~66~~~72 Undefined~~~Zip');
test(--count, start, lib, args, end);
var COUNT = 1000;
test(COUNT,, imagick, args, function (start) {
console.log('imagick did', COUNT, 'in', (, 'seconds');
test(COUNT,, imagemagick, args, function (start) {
console.log('imagemagick did', COUNT, 'in', (, 'seconds');
/* output
using: -format ~~~%w~~~%h~~~%x~~~%C /home/tjfontaine/development/test/logo.png
imagick did 1000 in 0.323 seconds
imagemagick did 1000 in 5.366 seconds
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