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OmniOutliner Transcribe WWDC Notes
With a QuickTime file open QuickTime Player, and an OmniOutliner file open that matches the title below, if this is invoked:
- If the QT file is playing, it is paused and the current playback speed is recorded (use option-click on the fast forward button to increase playing speed in QuickTime Player)
- If there is not a row starting with the right session number, one is created at the top level (with a link back to the QT file)
- A new row is added with the current time code and the insertion point to the right of it and OmniOutliner is activated.
- Otherwise, playing in the QT file is resumed a couple seconds before the point at which it was paused, with the playback rate restored, and QT is activated
- Setup:
- Save this script in ~/Library/Scripts
- Hook this up to a command key using FastScripts <> to make taking notes from WWDC session videos easier.
- When invoked the first two times (transitioning from QT > OmniOutliner and OmniOutliner > QT, Mojave will prompt to allow scripting access.
On older systems:
- Open System Preferences, "Security & Privacy"
- Select the "Privacy" tab
- Select the "Accessiblity" entry in the left-hand list
- Enable or add "FastScripts" to the list of applications (needed to press the right arrow key below).
set WWDCNotesFileName to "WWDC 2019 Notes.ooutline"
set SkipBackSeconds to 2.0 -- How many seconds to skip backwards when resuming after taking a note.
property StoredPlaybackRate : 1.0
property StoredPlaybackTime : 0.0
on twoDigitString(theValue)
--log "value: " & theValue
if theValue as number < 10 then
return "0" & (theValue as string)
end if
return theValue as string
end twoDigitString
on concatTimeComponent(base, value)
if base is "" then
if value is 0 then
return ""
end if
return twoDigitString(value)
end if
return base & ":" & twoDigitString(value)
end concatTimeComponent
on timeString(theHours, theMinutes, theSeconds)
set theResult to ""
set theResult to concatTimeComponent(theResult, theHours)
set theResult to concatTimeComponent(theResult, theMinutes)
-- Don't report bare seconds.
if theResult is "" then
set theResult to "00"
end if
set theResult to concatTimeComponent(theResult, theSeconds)
return theResult
end timeString
on timeStringFromSeconds(theSeconds)
set theTime to theSeconds
set theHours to round of (theTime / 3600) rounding down
set theTime to theTime - theHours * 3600
set theMinutes to round of (theTime / 60) rounding down
set theTime to theTime - theMinutes * 60
set theSeconds to theTime as integer
my timeString(theHours, theMinutes, theSeconds)
end timeStringFromSeconds
on sessionIdentifierFromName(theName)
set oldDelims to AppleScript's text item delimiters
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"_"}
set sessionIdentifier to text item 1 of theName
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldDelims
return sessionIdentifier
end sessionIdentifierFromName
tell application "QuickTime Player"
tell front document
set isPlaying to its playing
--set isPlaying to true
if isPlaying then
set StoredPlaybackRate to its rate
set theTime to current time
set StoredPlaybackTime to theTime
set theTimeString to my timeStringFromSeconds(theTime)
set theFile to its file
set theTitle to its name
-- Invoked again; end editing the current note and start playing again.
tell application "OmniOutliner"
tell document WWDCNotesFileName
select {}
end tell
end tell
if SkipBackSeconds < current time then
set current time to current time - SkipBackSeconds
end if
set rate to StoredPlaybackRate
set StoredPlaybackTime to 0.0
end if
end tell
end tell
on require_ui_scripting()
tell application "System Events"
if UI elements enabled is false then
error "UI Scripting not enabled!"
end if
end tell
end require_ui_scripting
on press_right_arrow()
my require_ui_scripting()
tell application "OmniOutliner" to activate -- App must be front
delay 0.25
tell application "System Events"
tell process "OmniOutliner"
key code 124 using {command down}
end tell
end tell
delay 0.25
end press_right_arrow
tell application "OmniOutliner"
set theDocument to document WWDCNotesFileName
if theDocument is missing value then
display alert "No notes document found."
end if
tell theDocument
-- Get or make a heading row for the notes for this session
set sessionRow to first row whose topic begins with my sessionIdentifierFromName(theTitle)
on error
-- First note for this session; make the row and focus on it.
set sessionRow to make new row with properties {topic:theTitle} at end of its rows
hoist sessionRow
-- Set the title's link (which won't be very nice looking, sadly, since the filename is all lowercase with underscores).
set value of attribute "link" of style of topic of sessionRow to theFile
end try
-- Add a new note row with the time code
set theNoteRow to make new row with properties {topic:"[" & theTimeString & "] "} at end of rows of sessionRow
set expanded of sessionRow to true
-- BUG: OmniOutliner doesn't seem to be sorting rows by rank immediately when we immediately edit it (which intentionally prevents sorting), so w/o this the row appears at the top of the list of children until you end editing.
delay 0.05
select topic cell of theNoteRow -- Selects all the text, sadly; we want the insertion point to the right
-- Use UI scripting to move the cursor
my press_right_arrow()
end tell
end tell
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