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Created Jul 19, 2019
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ClickHouse Table Schema for Tracking Call Timing and Similarity with Service Delegator
-- Kafka Message Details
timestamp DateTime,
partition UInt8,
offset UInt64,
-- Call Signature
service String,
method String,
arguments Nested (
name String,
value String
-- Call Results
results Nested (
backend String,
started Nullable(UInt64), -- millisecond timestamp
finished Nullable(UInt64), -- millisecond timestamp
status Enum8(
'success' = 0,
'failure' = 1
exception_type Nullable(String),
similarity Nullable(Float32) -- [0.0, 1.0] (not similar to exact same) compared to baseline (first) result
-- Additional Tags
tags Nested (
name String,
value String
) ENGINE = MergeTree
PARTITION BY toDate(timestamp)
ORDER BY (service, method, timestamp)
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Good table, Ted.

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