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Xcode new build system debugging tricks

New Build System Tricks

Command Line

# enable internal menu
defaults write ShowDVTDebugMenu -bool YES

alias xcbuild=$(xcode-select -p)/../SharedFrameworks/XCBuild.framework/Versions/A/Support/xcbuild
# THIS DOESNT WORK YET: xcbuild openIDEConsole  # … then switch to Xcode ➡️
xcbuild showSpecs
xcbuild build <foo.pif> [—target <target>]

# Some minimal additional logging (this is safe to leave on).
defaults write EnableDebugActivityLogs -bool YES

# Enable build debugging mode (safe to leave on, but slows down the build system & litters DerivedData/<project>/Build/Intermediates.noindex), generally should only be enabled when trying to capture a trace for incremental build debugging purposes.
defaults write EnableBuildDebugging -bool YES
# You can also use:
env EnableBuildDebugging=YES xcodebuild -UseNewBuildSystem=1 ...

# Use `xcbuild` to dump a headermap.
xcbuild headermap --dump <path>

IDE Console

open with Internal > XCBuild Console

writePIF <workspace name> <path>
        # … you can use this with the `xcbuild build …` command (above) to build via the service directly
setConfig EnableBuildDebugging true
	# … then save DerivedData & build log; same as above dwrite, but not persisted
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