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Timo Kissing tkissing

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  • Goleta, CA
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tkissing / .bashrc
Created May 16, 2017
Bash function to clone a repo into ~/Stash/${PROJECT}/${REPO} and run `npm i` in it all in one go (pass clone URL as argument)
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stashclone() {
if [[ "${1}" =~ \/([^\/]+)\/([^\/]+).git$ ]]; then
PROJ=`echo "${BASH_REMATCH[1]}" | awk '{ print toupper($1); }'`
if [ -d "${RDIR}" ]; then
echo "${RDIR} is already there"
View chai-assert-for-tape.js
const chai = require('chai');
module.exports = (t) => {
return Object.keys(chai.assert).reduce((prev, curr) => {
let assertion = chai.assert[curr];
if (typeof assertion == 'function') {
prev[curr] = (...args) => {
try {
assertion.apply(chai.assert, args);
tkissing / new-promise-reject.js
Created Dec 9, 2016
Using throw inside new Promise()
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new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
resolve( => {
if ( {
reject(Error('Found a foo!'));
// the .map will continue to loop
// even resolve will still be called although it won't have any more effect
tkissing /
Last active Jun 28, 2016 — forked from tracker1/
Anatomy of a JavaScript/Node project.

Directory structure for JavaScript/Node Projects

While the following structure is not an absolute requirement or enforced by the tools, it is a recommendation based mostly on what the JavaScript and in particular Node community at large have been following by convention.

Beyond a suggested structure, no tooling recommendations, or sub-module structure is outlined here.


  • src/ is for the code you write manually independent of the module format
  • lib/ is for modules compiled from src/ into a format compatible with standard require in the node versions indicated by engines in your package.json (UMD, CommonJS)
  • dist/ is for modules or scripts compiled from src/ into formats not compatible with standard require in the node versions indicated by engines in your package.json (AMD, browser globals/IIFE)
View original.js
// promise code
function add5 (x) {
return x + 5
function add5Promise (x) {
return Promise.resolve(x).then(function (x) {
return add5(x)
View pubsub-observable.js
define(function(require) {
var ko = require('knockout');
function observeEvent(pubsub, options) {
var o = ko.observable();
Object.keys(options).forEach(function(evt) {
var value = options[evt];
pubsub.on(evt, function() {
tkissing / gist:786bd8381fd5688bb9c9
Created Mar 31, 2015
Careful when using .then(successHandler, errorHandler) - it might not do what you mean to do!
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(function() {
p = Promise.resolve(3);
p.then(function() { throw Error('e'); }, console.warn.bind(console, 'You will not see this one'));
p.then(function() { throw Error('e'); }).then(null, console.warn.bind(console, 'You will see this one'));
tkissing / from-yesterday
Created Mar 26, 2015
npm registry weirdness
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cat node_modules/chai-as-promised/package.json | grep version
"version": "4.3.2",
tkissing / gist:b4944c285c761efeff9e
Created Mar 10, 2015
setInterval wrapper that returns "stop" method.
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function startInterval(func, freq) {
var id = setInterval(func, freq);
return function() {
if (id) {
id = null;
return true;
return false;
tkissing / gist:e5fa4908150c82d73131
Last active Feb 12, 2019
Singleton JavaScript modules that are easy to test! (Hint: Avoid object literals)
View gist:e5fa4908150c82d73131
// using AMD syntax here to avoid confusion about scope and file boundaries,
// but the concept translates 1:1 to CommonJS (node/io) modules
define('badSingleton', function(require, exports, module) {
var dependency = require('dependency');
var privateState;
module.exports = {
foo: function() {
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