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Last active Aug 11, 2020
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Recursive PURGE from BASE URL for Fastly


  • wget
  • curl


$ bash

$ curl -sL | bash -s
[ "${base_url}" = "" ] && echo "\$1(base URL) is required" && exit 1
purge_url() {
local url="${1}"
curl -s -X PURGE ${url}
echo "purged ${url}"
sleep 0.1
for url in $(LANG=C wget -p -nv -nd -r --spider ${base_url} -o /dev/stdout | grep URL | sed -e 's/URL://' | awk '{print $3}'); do
purge_url "${url}"
[[ "${url}" =~ /$ ]] && purge_url "${url}index.html"
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bigtiger commented Aug 11, 2020


We nearly used this for a project I was working on. In our case we were able to use Surrogate Keys to tag all the content we needed purged and then make a single call to the API to instruct Fastly to purge all content tagged with that key.

Leaving this note for future travelers.

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