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Created June 5, 2020 18:52
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Reject outliers from a 1D signal based on a sliding window and a deviation threshold.
def reject_outliers(arr, window_size, threshold):
Given a 1D signal, replace outliers with the average of the surrounding points.
Does the following for every point:
1. Computes the median of the sliding window
2. Computes the percentage difference between the current point and the
sliding window median
3. If that deviation exceeds the given threshold, replaces that point with
the average of the surrounding two points.
4. Otherwise, returns the same point.
arr : 1D array
Signal with outliers
window_size : int
Size of sliding window
threshold : float
Minimum acceptable percentage deviation (as decimal)
result : 1D array
Original signal with outliers removed.
if len(arr.shape) > 1:
print('Only 1D arrays supported.')
result = np.empty_like(arr)
for i in range(0, arr.shape[0]):
min_i = int(max(0, np.floor(i - window_size / 2)))
max_i = int(min(arr.shape[0], np.floor(i + window_size / 2 + 1)))
med = np.median(arr[min_i:max_i])
dev = np.abs(arr[i] - med) / med
if dev > threshold:
result[i] = np.average([arr[i-1], arr[i+1]])
result[i] = arr[i]
return result
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