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Created March 12, 2016 21:21
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Example call to the Marvel API from js client (w/ JQuery)
// you will also have to setup the referring domains on your marvel developer portal
var PRIV_KEY = "this-should-be-a-long-hash";
var PUBLIC_KEY = "so-should-this";
function getMarvelResponse() {
// you need a new ts every request
var ts = new Date().getTime();
var hash = CryptoJS.MD5(ts + PRIV_KEY + PUBLIC_KEY).toString();
// the api deals a lot in ids rather than just the strings you want to use
var characterId = '1009718'; // wolverine
var url = '';
$.getJSON(url, {
ts: ts,
apikey: PUBLIC_KEY,
hash: hash,
characters: characterId
.done(function(data) {
// sort of a long dump you will need to sort through
// the error codes are listed on the dev site
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Following line 2 instruction:
¿How do you test in localhost?

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ia-lex commented May 17, 2017

Hi, you just write 'localhost' as your authorized referrer on your developer account.

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thanks 👍

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fermmm commented May 15, 2020

For me it worked *.* instead of localhost

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This is the first API where I am required to hash anything in their query. Is this common practice?

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b3lliot commented Oct 13, 2023

For me it worked *.* instead of localhost

Me too, thank you !

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