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tleyden5iwx / open-ocr-preprocessor
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Components: [{u'Version': u'18.03.1-ee-3', u'Name': u'Engine', u'Details': {u'KernelVersion': u'4.4.0-1060-aws', u'Os': u'linux', u'BuildTime': u'2018-08-30T18:42:30.000000000+00:00', u'ApiVersion': u'1.37', u'MinAPIVersion': u'1.12', u'GitCommit': u'b9a5c95', u'Arch': u'amd64', u'Experimental': u'false', u'GoVersion': u'go1.10.2'}}]
Arch: amd64
BuildTime: 2018-08-30T18:42:30.000000000+00:00
ApiVersion: 1.37
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# VM for running Couchbase Server in a private network
# After starting:
# - vagrant ssh to get into the vm
# - wget (or from downloads page)
# - run "ip addr" to get eth1 ip address
# - on host machine, go to ip-address:8091 to setup Couchbase Server
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"log": ["*", "BLIP", "BLIP+", "BLIP++"],
"databases": {
"todo": {
"server": "walrus:",
"users": {
"user1": {"password": "pass", "admin_channels": ["user1"]},
"user2": {"password": "pass", "admin_channels": ["user2"]},
"mod": {"password": "pass", "admin_roles": ["moderator"]},
tleyden / find_functions_w_error_params.go
Created Nov 14, 2017
Find all functions that take an "error" as a parameter using Go's AST parser
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package main
import (
tleyden / clobber_doc.go
Created Jul 8, 2017
openwhisk debugging
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package main
import (
_ "" // The CouchDB driver
tleyden / gist:806bad30c18b29f4e350adca5e2d91ef
Created Apr 10, 2017
The Code Not Taken (if Robert Frost were a coder and alive today)
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Two branches diverged in a hairy func,
And sorry I could not setjmp both
And be one core, long I spun
And looked down one stack as deep I could
To where it bent in the memory bus
Then took the other, as just as fast,
And having perhaps the better metal,
Because it was cachey and wanted warmth,
Though as for that the executing there
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