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Created April 15, 2021 23:09
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echo "Setup fresh PopOS install"
# check if root
if [[ $(id -u) -ne 0 ]]
then echo "Please run as root"
exit 1
# rename computer
echo "eureka" > '/etc/hostname'
apt update
apt upgrade -y
# Setup ZFS
apt install zfsutils-linux -y
# Setup Brave
apt install apt-transport-https curl -y
curl -fsSLo /usr/share/keyrings/brave-browser-archive-keyring.gpg
echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/brave-browser-archive-keyring.gpg arch=amd64] stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release.list
apt update
apt install brave-browser -y
# Setup flatpaks
flatpak install -y flathub com.spotify.Client org.signal.Signal com.visualstudio.code org.inkscape.Inkscape com.slack.Slack org.keepassxc.KeePassXC
# Setup ruby for ELN
apt install -y ruby ruby-dev
gem install bundler jekyll
# Syncthing
curl -s -o /usr/share/keyrings/syncthing-archive-keyring.gpg
echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/syncthing-archive-keyring.gpg] syncthing stable" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/syncthing.list
printf "Package: *\nPin: origin\nPin-Priority: 990\n" > /etc/apt/preferences.d/syncthing
apt update
apt install -y syncthing
systemctl enable syncthing@tlnagy.service
systemctl start syncthing@tlnagy.service
# Sanoid/Syncoid
apt install -y debhelper libcapture-tiny-perl libconfig-inifiles-perl pv lzop mbuffer build-essential
mkdir -p /home/tlnagy/dev/
git clone
cd sanoid
# checkout latest stable release or stay on master for bleeding edge stuff (but expect bugs!)
git checkout $(git tag | grep "^v" | tail -n 1)
ln -s packages/debian .
dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us
apt install ../sanoid_*_all.deb
apt install -y zsh
# Vim
apt install -y vim tmux
# Python
apt install -y python3-pip
pip3 install jupyterlab
# Julia
julia -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.add(["Colors", "DataFrames", "FixedPointNumbers", "Gadfly", "IJulia", "OMETIFF", "TiffImages", "Revise", "Cthulhu", "Unitful"])'
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