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Last active August 29, 2015 14:06
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DOSnapshot Options and Real-World Usage Example

All options:

> $ do_snapshot c  

aliases: s, snap, create

  -o, [--only=123456 123456 123456]                              # Select some droplets.
  -e, [--exclude=123456 123456 123456]                           # Except some droplets.
  -k, [--keep=5]                                                 # How much snapshots you want to keep?
                                                                 # Default: 10
  -d, [--delay=5]                                                # Delay between snapshot operation status requests.
                                                                 # Default: 10                                                                    
      [--timeout=250]                                            # Timeout in sec's for events like Power Off or Create Snapshot.
                                                                 # Default: 600                                                                     
  -m, []                           # Receive mail if fail or maximum is reached.
  -t, [ password:password]  # SMTP options.
  -l, [--log=/Users/someone/.do_snapshot/main.log]               # Log file path. By default logging is disabled.
  -c, [--clean], [--no-clean]                                    # Cleanup snapshots after create. If you have more images than you want to `keep`, older will be deleted.
  -s, [--stop], [--no-stop]                                      # Stop creating snapshots if maximum is reached.
  -v, [--trace], [--no-trace]                                    # Verbose mode.
  -q, [--quiet], [--no-quiet]                                    # Quiet mode. If don't need any messages in console.
      [--digital-ocean-client-id=YOURLONGAPICLIENTID]            # DIGITAL_OCEAN_CLIENT_ID. if you can't use environment.
      [--digital-ocean-api-key=YOURLONGAPIKEY]                   # DIGITAL_OCEAN_API_KEY. if you can't use environment.    

  `do_snapshot` able to create and cleanup snapshots on your droplets.

  You can optionally specify parameters to select or exclude some droplets. 
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