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A simple script for converting vCard files to org-contacts.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Written by Titus von der Malsburg <>, March 2014.
# This is a simple script for converting vCard files to
# org-contacts. There is one mandatory argument: the name of the
# vCard file. The result is printed to standard out.
# Usage:
# python contacts.vcf >
# Issues:
# The LABEL property in the Forrest Gump example (from Wikipedia) is
# not handled correctly:
# LABEL;TYPE=WORK:100 Waters Edge\nBaytown, LA 30314\nUnited States of America
# The part after the comma is missing. That seems to be due to a bug
# in vobject.
import sys
import io
import dateutil.parser
import vobject
import codecs
UTF8Writer = codecs.getwriter('utf8')
sys.stdout = UTF8Writer(sys.stdout)
template = " :%s: %s%s"
prefix = "*"
indentation = " "
def flatten(l):
'''Flatten a arbitrarily nested lists and return the result as a single list.
ret = []
for i in l:
if isinstance(i, list) or isinstance(i, tuple):
return ret
if __name__=="__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
raise ValueError("Please specify exactly one vCard file.")
fname = sys.argv[1]
stream =, "r", encoding="utf-8")
vcards = vobject.readComponents(stream)
for vcard in vcards:
note = ""
print "%s %s" % (prefix, vcard.fn.value)
print indentation + ":PROPERTIES:"
for p in vcard.getChildren():
if in ("VERSION", "PRODID", "FN") or"X-"):
if == "NOTE":
note = p.value
name =
value = p.value
# Special treatment for some fields:
if == "ORG":
value = ", ".join(flatten(p.value))
print p.value
if == "N":
value = "%s;%s;%s;%s;%s" % (, p.value.given,
p.value.additional, p.value.prefix,
if == "ADR":
# TODO Make the formatting sensitive to X-ABADR:
value = (p.value.street, p.value.code + " " +,
p.value.region,, p.value.extended,
value = ", ".join([x for x in value if x!=''])
name = "ADDRESS"
if == "REV":
value = dateutil.parser.parse(p.value)
value = value.strftime("[%Y-%m-%d %a %H:%M]")
if == "TEL":
name = "PHONE"
# Collect type attributes:
attribs = ", ".join(p.params.get("TYPE", []))
if attribs:
attribs = " (%s)" % attribs
# Make sure that there are no newline chars left as that would
# break org's property format:
value = value.replace("\n", ", ")
print template % (name, value, attribs)
print indentation + ":END:"
if note:
print note
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