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notes for a potential presentation about the iframe scaffold
iframe scaffold
## The problems
* current stuff keeps breaking on responsive
* need to deploy our work to apps
* We're going to move away from our existing infrastructure
* World Service was always an after thought
* World Service development was hard
* syndication was really hard
## The solution
iframe scaffold! We really didn't want to use an iframe but its the only way to guarantee that our code is decoupled from the host page code. iFrames break one of the fundamental principles of the web:
1 URL per resource (webpage)
There are other concerns regarding iFrames but these are less of an issue now than they were 5 years ago when iFrames stopped being in vogue.
The new scaffold replaces the version that the team had been using for about a year. It uses a technology called Grunt. We have also changed the way we use our code repository, this is called Git.
We decided to change how we used these two technologies at the same time, to move everyone over at the same time would be easier than implementing two changes.
The new scaffold is called the "iframe scaffold", it does the following things:
* Each project is now a completely encapsulated page that runs in isolation on its own.
* When changes are made to the responsive and desktop site, this will have no impact on our bespoke content. We will be able to release the content and never have to worry about it ever again.
* We no longer build a mobile and a desktop version. This simplifies the development process.
* Each language, even the default one is a translation. This means that World Service are supported by default.
* Because we're creating web pages that are completely self contained, they can be deployed to the apps. This means your work will be appearing in the News iPhone and News Android apps sometime in 2014.
* We're using a different, more powerful rendering technology: node.js instead of SSI. This means developers can do more stuff.
* Because we're no longer reliant on SSI, we can move where we deploy our content to.
* Syndication is done by default now. The last time we tried to do a syndication (class calculator) it was horrible and took Steve FOREVER. Now it will be as easy as sending a bit of JavaScript to the syndication partner.
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